Planning a Mother's Day Massage This Weekend? Here Are Three Surprising Benefits

(Source: Ryan McVay, Digital Vision/Thinkstock)Whether you prefer shiatsu, hot stone, deep tissue, Thai, or good old-fashioned Swedish, we all love a good massage. Whatever your pleasure, if you're planning a weekend spa excursion to bond with mom this Mother's Day, don't skimp on the massage. Sure, manicures and facials aren't too shabby either, but massage is one highly enjoyable spa treatment that also offers numerous health benefits that might surprise you. Here are three side effects of a good rubdown that will make you and mom never want to leave those tables.

1) It Boosts Circulation and Blood Flow
If you or your mom suffer from cold hands or feet, fatigue, or achiness, these symptoms could be caused by poor circulation. According to national spa chain Massage Envy, getting regular treatments can actually improve circulation, which in turn can relieve sore muscles (even post-workout) and help ease a host of other common ailments.

2) It Helps You Look Better
One of the causes of sallow, tired-looking skin can be poor blood flow, and nice, soothing facial massage can actually improve blood flow, thereby "plumping up" your face and also improving lymphatic drainage. Sign us up!

3) It Helps You Sleep Better
You know that relaxed, zoned-out, all's-well-with-the-world feeling you sometimes enjoy after a good massage? Well, it's no coincidence. Many massage therapists, including Massage Williamsburg in NYC, recommend the treatment to aid in sleep disorders. Why? It's simple. It's believed that massage can actually boost your serotonin levels, which translates not only to relaxation, but to deep, healing sleep. Now that's a gift every mom will love.

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