Five Steps to Finding Happiness From HeartRise Meditation Founder Jessie May

Five Steps to Finding Happiness From HeartRise Meditation Founder Jessie May(Source: Jessie May) Whether you're stuck in your head, creatively blocked, struggling with any of life's aspects, or simply want to participate in an uplifting experience to open your heart and express your joy, the HeartRise meditation method might do the trick.

"The essence of my teaching is really shifting from the head to the heart, or shifting from that noisy spin cycle of the mind and moving into the wisdom of the heart, or the heart compass, as I call it," explains HeartRise creator and life coach Jessie May. "Our heart knows the way. The only way we can really tune in is when we practice honoring what it's saying. It starts as a quiet whisper and as we nurture it and practice listening to it, it gets stronger, and eventually you have this roaring, radiant heart that you can really be guided by."

Based in Venice Beach, CA, HeartRise is "really about giving people a unique experience of their heart," says May, whose own heart inspires her to do barefoot jogging on the beach. Her diverse clientele includes "everyone from men in recovery to high profile celebs and CEOs, to the homeless teens in Venice, to powerful women entrepreneurs."

As esoteric as it may sound, heart wisdom is supported by science, she explains. "The heart, as we strengthen it, can actually rewire the brain. This is why I'm so passionate about the work. Easterners have done this forever. They're like, 'Get with the program, Westerners.'" She goes on to point out that visionaries of our time, from Beethoven to Einstein to Steve Jobs, have all understood the heart's importance.

Whether experienced through one of Jessie May's workshops, global retreats, personal coaching, or her online radio show, her very specific tools and teachings are offered within "a deep loving space that allows people to open into their heart and the wisdom that lives there. It doesn't matter whats going on on the outside, our hearts know the way."

Here's a taste of Jessie May heart wisdom:

Appreciate others: "By celebrating the people that we love with acknowledgement, we activate the light within ourselves."

Let your heart smile: "Allowing ourselves to smile from that place within. When we smile, we invite others to smile, too. When it's coming from a real place inside, it nourishes us."

Be radiant: "Our radiance is contagious."

Choose compassion over judgment: "When we find ourselves judging, ask, where instead can we find compassion in our heart. Whenever we judge, we're actually shutting down our heart and not opening ourselves to the energy that's available. As soon as we judge we shut ourselves off from what's possible in a moment, and it becomes 'me against that person.'"

Respond instead of reacting: "When we feel like we're about to react, instead, pause and respond with love. Sometimes the pause has to be long, so we can connect back in and recognize."

Five Steps to Finding Happiness From HeartRise Meditation Founder Jessie May(Source: Jessie May)
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