Wearing Something Super Low-Cut? Here's How to Keep the "Girls" in Check

(Credit: Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images Europe - 3)

In case you haven't noticed, red carpet fashion keeps getting more risque by the day. Just last week we discussed the corset dress trend that's rapidly picking up traction throughout Hollywood—this week, it's all about a dramatic, exaggerated neckline. To be blunt, it's getting lower and lower (and lower)...

Between the chest-baring gowns Daisy Lowe and Jourdan Dunn wore to the GQ Men of The Year Awards and Olivia Wilde's tuxedo-jacket-sans-shirt look at the premiere of Rush, we can't help but wonder if the fawning paparazzi were treated to an accidental nip slip.

Then again, probably not. Anyone who's bold enough to wear a garment that low-cut surely invested in a little fashion insurance in order to keep a wardrobe malfunction at bay.

We're talking about double-sided tape. It's clear and it adheres to the item of clothing as well as your skin to secure the garment and keep it from slipping and revealing your modesty. (It also helps hide unsightly bra straps, anchor strapless tops, and close gaping blouses.) Oh, and it doesn't hurt at all to remove.

Definitely add a roll to your style kit; you never know when you might need it! 

We're fans of Hollywood Fashion Tape, $4.97.