Kmart's 'Ship My Pants' Ad Will Make You Giggle [VIDEO]

Kmart's 'Ship My Pants' Ad Will Make You Giggle [VIDEO]
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Holy, uh, ship — has Kmart been on a role lately with its latest batch of commercials or what? (Um, have you seen the one with the water-skiing squirrel? Amazeballs.)

Anywho, over the weekend the retail chain launched a campaign that uses sleight of mouth to promote its brand-new free shipping service. How so? Well, let's just say in the ad people — of all ages, mind you — proclaim their excitement over their ability to, um, ship their pants. (If you don't get it, say it out loud five times fast... Yeah.)

Go ahead and try to restrain your inner 13-year-old while watching this. We double dog dare you.

USA Today reports the ad's received mixed reviews, but considering its already gotten 11,000,000+ views on YouTube, we're fairly certain Kmart is probably pleased with the results. But really, how can you not giggle at this — the little boy! — if even uncomfortably?