5 Things We Think Justin Bieber Will Buy With His New Debit Card

Oh things you will buy to expand your wardrobe, Justin. (Michael Kovac, Getty Images.)

In case you haven't heard, Justin Bieber is kind of a big deal. And now he will affect more than just your ear buds. The 19-year-old superstar has now entered into the financial world.

Ok, don't panic. It's not quite what you think. Bieber has teamed up with SpendSmart Payments Company to offer a prepaid debit card geared at helping teenagers become more responsible with money. See, it's actually a good thing!

The card allows Mom and Dad to reload the card as needed...obvi. It also alerts them instantly when purchases have been made. More importantly, it allows them to lock the card when objectionable purchases have been made.

In a video series called "Real Talk," sponsored by SpendSmart, Bieber shares with teens the importance of financial literacy. The Biebs is clearly financially literate himself, as the 14-month deal will earn him $3.75 million, PLUS the possibility of monthly royalties tied to the card. Not too shabby for a day in the life.

Now, we can't be entirely sure as to how Bieber will spend his $3.75 million earned from the new debit card deal, but if we had to guess, this is what we think he would buy:

1) More hats like this:

Because obviously, one just isn't enough.

2) More shoes we're positive no one else owns:
(Si Anderson/Bauer Griffin)

Seriously, we don't think anyone else could ever possibly have these.

3) More leather tank tops:(Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

Because they're awesome, that's why.

4) More stunna shades:
(Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Because his future is too bright.

5) More drop-crotch pants:
(Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)

Because they are the bomb. Period.

Bonus alert!

Here's one thing we know Bieber WON'T buy:
(Jj/Bauer Griffin)

A shirt. Because going shirtless is just SO much better. Duh!

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