Flash the World, Show Nothing: Five Skorts (Yes, Really) to Buy Now


Skort isn't a dirty word, you guys. Really, what is a skort but a skirt you can ride a bike in? Sure, they have a bit of a reputation, thanks to their earlier incarnations (you know, something that appeared to be shorts from behind, with a fabric panel dangling over the front, like it was really fooling anyone). But today's skort is a bit more stealthy. No one even knows the shorts are there until you fall down and magically don't reveal your laundry day underwear to the world.

Here are five that we're into at the moment.

1. Kate Spade Saturday Pleated Skort in Indigo Floral, $70 at Saturday.com.

Your basic secret skort — you can't even tell the shorts are there! It also comes in black.

2. Zara Mini Skort, $49.90 at Zara.com.

Sure, every fashion blogger seems to have one this summer. But there's a reason for that. It's way more architectural than your typical skort, and it's easily dressed up for a night out. It also comes in red (above) and white.

3. Esteban Cortazar Duchesse Satin and Twill Shorts, $262.50 at Net-a-Porter.com.

Now we're getting into formal skort territory. We're into this one's tuxedo vibe.

4.ASOS Shorts in Geo Tile, $42.43 at ASOS.com.

Add a white blouse and some flats and you've got an outfit.

5. Willow French Riviera Tweed Shorts, $260 at Net-a-Porter.com.

A skort rendered in summer tweed is the stealthiest skort of all.

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