Daily Deals: H&M

(Photographs Courtesy of H&M)
Even in the most full-priced of times, H&M always makes us feel flush—like we can walk into the store and say "one of everything please!" Right now the store is in mid-season sale mode, which means their prices feel a little bit like they're paying you to take their clothes, and throwing in a pair of fashion sneakers for your trouble. Check out our favorite ludicrously reasonable finds below, including a minimal jacket with wow factor dart-work.

The Steal: Long-Sleeved Tie-Dye Shirt
Why We Love It: It feels like our favorite workwear shirt got a visit from the tasteful tie-dye fairy.
The Damage: $15 (Previously $29.95)

The Steal: Sleeveless Chiffon Blouse
Why We Love It: The potential for layering is endless, and it feels like a much more expensive silk number we'd see on one of those girls whose chignon is always perfect.
The Damage: $15 (Previously $24.95)

The Steal: Fitted Jacket
Why We Love It: H&M is tipping its Swedish design hand with this one; the high-concept cinched-in tailoring feels wonderfully Scandinavian.
The Damage: $30 (Previously $49.95)

The Steal: Fitted Blazer
Why We Love It: That leather collar—so subtle in its placement that the fact that its faux doesn't take away for its overall luxe effect.
The Damage: $30 (Previously $49.95)

The Deal: Leather Biker Jacket
Why We Love It: It's cute-tough, like you're in a '50s biker gang. And it's under $200.
The Damage: $150 (Previously $299)

The Steal: Lined Sneakers
Why We Love Them: They'll keep our feet warm once the cold weather kicks in, and will look crazy cute with skirts and dresses when we're skewing sporty.
The Damage: $10 (Previously $24.95)

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