WindowsWear is Like a Giant Tumblr of Shop Windows From Around the World

As far as international shopping voyeurism goes, this site takes the cake. WindowsWear is a recently-launched website that chronicles,  the window dressing and displays of more than 350 stores in New York, Paris, Milan, and London.

It's like a giant never-ending-scroll of life-size fantastical diorama inspiration—or, as they call it, "the ultimate window-shopping experience."

The site, which currently features designs from more than 1,500 windows, includes stores such as Chanel, Galeries Lafayette (Paris), Prada (Milan, Paris, New York), The Kooples (Paris), and Liberty (London). But it's not just contemporary and high-end retailers—WindowsWear also includes vignettes from inexpensive fast-fashion retailers Primark (London) and New Look (London).
(WindowsWear) The display at Liberty London

Think of WindowsWear as armchair travel—for the fashion set. What do you think? Have a browse and let us know!
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