5 Amazing Items We're Obsessed With From New E-Comm Site Fairejour.com

Just launched: Fairjour.com, which combined a laid-back handcrafted aesthetic with a high-tech experience

Lianna Shen and Alex Kirmse used to work at online retailer behemoth Zappos.com—she as the head of VIP.Zappos.com's loyalty platform and he as the head of mobile front-end development and user experience. With resumes like that, what do you think the duo did when they left the Henderson, NV, HQ of one of the world's most innovative (and popular!) e-comm sites? Why, they founded their own, of course... with a twist.

Shen and Kirmse launched Fairejour.com in early 2013—and despite their backgrounds and knowledge about how to move huge quantities of mass-market merch online, the two have kept their new venture decidedly down-to-earth and low-key.

"This is a different kind of retail," Shen said. "A certain group of customers out there are becoming more aware. They like to know where things are made, how they are made, and who makes them. That is our market."

To that end, Fairejour.com stocks about 30 indie labels from around the world and sells mostly unique, locally-made, ethically-minded, eco-friendly products. Some of the items are even one-of-a-kind!

"The products speak for themselves," Kirmse said. "Before we bring any designer or product on board we ask ourselves if it fits the thoughtful, extraordinary standards we aim to represent. We touch, feel and try on every single product, and even model many of the products ourselves."

In other words, Fairejour.com is the opposite of mass market—in fact, it feels, aesthetically, like a cross between Anthropologie and the Etsy user experience, all with a touch of northern Californian or Southwestern sensibility thrown in.

Here are some of our favorite products from the new site:

This extra-soft sweater with a Pendleton patch -

The handmade leather Mason Jar mug converter -

This Falling Whistles whistle -

The vintage jungle balloon pants (mostly because of the name!) -

And these vintage new-looking Cherokee mocs in size 7 (not our size! broken hearts) -

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