So, Counterfeit Crocs are Apparently a Thing

So, Counterfeit Crocs are Apparently a Thing
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If you're planning to give the gift of plastic ventilated shoes to your loved ones this season, you better make sure they're the real deal—apparently, there's big business in hawking counterfeit Crocs. Who knew?

According to a report in WWD, the feds just sentenced 18 counterfeiters to 46+ years in prison for selling 128,752 knockoff pairs of Crocs, which equals about $9.6 million worth of fake footwear.

And to anyone who's ever had the idea of concocting their own faux clog—beware. The big wigs at the shoe brand have some words for you:

If you attempt to produce or sell infringing Crocs products, we are going to find you and take definitive action to protect our intellectual property,” said Dan Hart, chief legal and administrative officer for Crocs. “The lengthy prison terms and heavy fines handed down in these cases show that Chinese authorities are very serious about assisting us to eradicate the production of counterfeit Crocs products in China, and so are we."

Just remember, while you're out doing your last-minute shopping for, uh, Crocs, the little chomper guy on the logo should look exactly like this:
So, Counterfeit Crocs are Apparently a Thing
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