StyleBistro STUFF: Your New All-White Outfit

(Topshop, Zara)

Sure, this week is very red, white, and blue-centric, but it's mainly the white we're interested in. All-white, specifically.

In modern shapes, the look is more avant-garde than Wimbledon. Plus, the non-shade acts as the perfect blank canvas for standout jewelry.

We love the asymmetrical — but not mullet-y! — hem on Topshop's utilitarian shirtdress.


Button that thing all the way up and wear it with Zara's milky buckled sandals.

Just take it easy on the ketchup and mustard if you're planning on hitting up any Fourth of July barbecues tomorrow.

Topshop Clean Utility Shirtdress, $84 at; Zara Flat Sandal with Buckle, $49.99 at
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