Someone Crashed a Mercedes Into the Gucci Store and Stole a Ton of Stuff [PHOTOS]

( The Gucci store in London got ram-raided today, holy cow.

Someone drove a Mercedes into the Gucci store in London and robbed it. (Bauer Griffin)
Talk about crimes of fashion. Late last night, a gang of thieves crashed a Mercedes into Gucci's flagship store on London's Sloane Street and made off with more than 30 items worth more than $160,000 in total—including one limited-edition crocodile-skin handbag worth about $50,000 that had recently been on display at London Fashion Week.

Reports from the scene of the crime claim that the thieves "knew exactly what they were looking for." According to accounts, after driving the Merc through the front doors of the luxury boutique, the robberts jumped out of the car wearing black balaclavas. They "made a beeline for expensive limited-edition bags," specifically targeting the handbags that had been exhibited at fashion week.

"They were very professional," said one sales associate, "all wearing balaclavas and in and out in minutes. In a flash they were gone. They must have known that we had the bags in fron London Fashion Week because they headed straight for them. They are limited-edition bags and very, very expensive. they are made out of special material like python skin."

Check out the unbelievable images of the wrecked Gucci facade on Sloane Street right here:

(Bauer Griffin)

(Bauer Griffin)
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