StyleBistro STUFF: Forever 21's Minimalist Sandals Are Worth Stocking Up On

(Forever 21)

Every summer, we accept the fact that there will be sandal casualties. You know — those shoes that we're so faithful to during the warmer months, and that endure so much abuse (grass stains, detached straps, worn-down heels, ice cream drippings) that they have to be tossed by the time September rolls around.

So, we like the idea of making that wear-and-ditch process a little less painful by picking up some super affordable sandals. Like this under-$15 pair from Forever 21.

We love the sleek shape and super-modern mesh panels. Use them to finish off a minimalist look, or as a sporty finish to a printed sundress.

Forever 21 Mesh Strappy Sandals, $14.80 at
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