Closetology: What Your Closet Says About You

Closetology: What Your Closet Says About You
(Photos courtesy of T.J. Maxx)

You can learn a lot from your closet. Not only can it tell you about your purchasing habits—in our case, that we purchase too much—but it can tell you about your fashion behavior as well. We caught up with Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner at T.J. Maxx's Six Degrees of Self-Expression event to learn more about this intriguing concept.

According to Dr. Baumgartner, a clinical psychologist, there are six different style personas women encapsulate. To distinguish these six personas, Baumgartner studied physiological patterns and behavioral cues of women's closets, their shopping habits, and their method of assembling an outfit.

Here are the six personas she formed based on her studies:

1) Closet Chameleon: This woman has the ability to transform herself depending on the environment in which she finds herself. She sections out her closet based on her different fashion personas, which also reflects her dived-and-conquer mentality of shopping.

2) Devoted Dresser: The devoted dresser knows exactly what works for her. She relies on her go-to pieces in her closet and wears them with confidence. Expect this woman's closet to be impeccably organized by category and color.

3) Show Stopper: Watch out for this woman! She loves all things glitz and glam, and when she walks into a room, people take note. This woman wears her fierce confidence on her sleeve. Her closet acts as more of a museum for her fabulous fashions!

4) Trend Trailblazer: This woman is always ready to try a new thing. She wants to push the boundaries and create a look no one has seen before. Her closet is creative and a work in progress, as she is always ready to build upon it for the next season.

5) Systematic Stylist: The systematic stylist has her look down pat. She's organized, put together, and prepared—whether it be with her wardrobe or management of her every day life. Her closet is organized to a T, with items visible, accessible, and categorized perfectly.

6) Free-Styler: This gal's closet may appear to be a bit of a mess (clothes everywhere, shoes sprawled out, hangers piling up), but she knows exactly what she wants and where to find it. She depends on intuition and creativity to guide her through the store, while her mood can often dictate her wardrobe choices!

We took Dr. Baumgartner's quiz for ourselves and discovered we're Free-Stylers—which could explain why yesterday we were rocking a lace dress and today we're in jeans and high-top urban sneakers!

Curious to see where you fall into T.J. Maxx and Dr. B's six style personas? Take the quiz for yourself, then let us know in the comment box what your closet says about you!
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