The Best-Selling Items this Holiday Shopping Weekend Were...

(Burberry/J. Crew)

Did you go shopping on Black Friday? If you did, you (obviously) weren't alone—WWD reports it was a fashion free-for-all. Here's a rundown of this year's after-Thanksgiving best-sellers.

Customers depleted outerwear departments of their cashmere sweaters and leather jackets, which will probably come in handy if these die-hard shoppers want to look extra intimidating at next year's day-after-Thanksgiving sales. 

Meanwhile, shoe stores were ransacked for Rampage boots and Nike "Air Max" sneakers (speed is important on Black Friday).

(Lady Foot Locker)

And, as far as non-fashion items go, electronics did predictably well, as did "fuzzy throws" and Furbys. 

Which makes sense! After a marathon day of shopping, who wouldn't want to curl up under some fleece and let the soothing babble of their favorite '90s revival toy rock them to sleep? 


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