Your New Back-to-School (or Work!) Bag is Here, Thanks to Kate Spade Saturday

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You know those days when you're coming home after a long day, have a million and one things in your hands, and all you can think about is the pair of sweatpants waiting for you inside? (This is pretty much us every day, FYI.) On days like this, the last thing you need is to stand around fumbling for keys. Well, despair no more! We found the perfect handbag to save the day.

Allow us to introduce you to the new Inside-Out-Pocket Tote by Kate Spade Saturday!

(Kate Spade Saturday)

This ingenious handbag solves all of your fumbling woes with its beaucoup outer pockets. There are pockets for a cell phone, business cards, pens, keys (!), and more. As for the inside, there's space enough for a laptop, books, magazines, a wallet — oh, and did we mention there's another pocket?

(Kate Spade Saturday)

It's sleek, practical, and utilitarian in design yet still looks like a stylish bag you won't be embarrassed to schlep each day. Plus, with its removable shoulder strap, it can work double duty as a shoulder bag or a tote. And with three color options (black leather, gray wool, and moss green leather), there's definitely a style for every taste and wardrobe.

(Kate Spade Saturday)

So whether you're heading back to classes this fall or just heading to the office, this handbag will keep you organized, make you look good, and basically become your new best friend.

Inside-Out-Pocket Tote by Kate Spade Saturday, $170-180,
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