4 Great Rolling Carry-On Suitcases to See You Through the Summer

PROBLEM: Lots of great trips and weekend getaways planned this season—with lots of adorable summer outfits—but does your carry-on luggage stand up, style-wise?

SOLUTION: Check out these four fashion-forward, but timeless, options for rolling carry-ons. They'll complete your look this season.

1. Salvatore Ferragamo's see-through suitcase, $1,418 at Luisa Via Roma - Here's a surefire way to make sure your suitcase matches your wardrobe—make it see-through.

(Luisa Via Roma) Salvatore Ferragamo's see-through suitcase

2. Filson wheeled carry-on, $535 at Brooks Brothers - For all those rugged and/or preppy trips to New England and Maine you have planned—or if you just want to look really, really American on your Grand Tour in Europe.

(Brooks Brothers) Filson's wheeled carry-on

5. Balenciaga's "Arena" wheelend carry-on, $2,465 at Neiman Marcus - Ever since Balenciaga first released is mini-carry-on rollaway bag a few years ago, it's been the fashion status luggage to sport... though, we think it goes best with private jets. Wheeling this through coach might look a little silly.

(Neiman Marcus) Balenciaga's wheeled carry-on

4. Eastpak by Kris Van Assche cotton canvas suitcase, $406 at Luisa Via Roma - If you love fashion but are also sporty (what a mixed bag you are!), Kris Van Assche has the summer bag for you. Check out this wheeled cotton canvas and PVC rollaway with detachable handles.
(Luisa Via Roma) Eastpak by Kris Van Assche wheeled suitcase
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