Here's a Shirt You Can Wear for 100 Days Without Washing—Is That Gross?

Would you wear a shirt—a wool shirt—every day for 100 days without washing it? Wool & Prince founder Mac Bishop did—and he said that even after more than three straight months of wearing it, it didn't smell or wrinkle.

While that might seem sort of gross to some people, others (ahem, cough, men, cough) might think it's a worthwhile time-saving investment—after all, we've definitely heard guys we know boast about how they haven't washed their jeans in six months (also gross guys, sorry).

The trick behind Wool & Prince's long-lasting freshness is its trademarked Cotton-Soft wool fabric—something that it took the company more than six months to develop. The long-lasting, naturally anti-wrinkle, and odor-fighting material is low-maintenance by nature, making it the perfect shirt for people who don't like going near water... or the laundry room.

Want to get your hands on a Wool & Prince shirt? You can help get the start-up off the ground by funding its Kickstarter campaign, where the founders are looking to pre-sell a bunch of shirts to make their first round of production worthwhile. So far, they've far exceeded their $30,000 goal (they're already raised $172,000+), so if you want to get your hands on a Wool & Prince button-down, better act fast.

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