Five One-for-One Social Good Fashion Brands You Need to Know

(Source: Warby Parker)Nothing beats the thrill of a new purchase. However, how much better does it feel when your latest closet addition also functions as a donation? The one-for-one model, championed famously by TOMS shoes, fuses social good and shopping.

Every purchase you make provides a product to someone in need. For TOMS, that means a pair of shoes for someone across the globe who doesn't own them. Other brands have since followed suit, selling everything from T-shirts to glasses for charity. Here are five one-for-one brands you need to know about.

(Courtesy Warby Parker; Linwood glasses, $95)

Warby Parker 

Not only are the fashionable specs from this eyewear brand extremely affordable ($95 for prescription glasses and non-prescription sunglasses, $150 for prescription shades), but each pair sold ensures one of 1 billion people who lack access to glasses will get their own pair. Warby Parker partnered with non-profit VisionSpring to guarantee donations will land in the right hands.

(Courtesy: Out of Print; The Little Prince tee, $28; Jane Eyre tee, $28)

Out of Print

Out of Print's claim to fame is its wide range of T-shirts ($28) featuring titles of classic novels. The brand also sells notebooks ($8), tote bags ($18), and jewelry ($30–$34). For every item sold, Out of Print donates a book to an underserved community through Books For Africa.

(Courtesy: STATE Bags; The Durham backpack, $65; The Ashton bag, $185)STATE Bags

Products from this trendy backpack brand promise an American child in an underfunded community will be hand delivered their very own bag. STATE also leads motivational rallies with the recipients of their donations to promote education. 

(Courtesy: Juntos; Classic Lona, $48)Juntos Shoes

The inspiration for Juntos's unisex canvas sneakers ($48) come from workers on the streets of Guayaquil, Ecuador. For every pair sold, a backpack packed with a year's worth of school supplies reaches a student from the area.

(Courtesy: Kno Clothing; Summer Halter, $30; Inlay Cuff Bracelet, $30)

Kno Clothing

Every top ($25–$45), dress ($40), bag ($14), scarf ($14), bracelet ($25), and necklace ($32) works toward combating homelessness. Each item sold ensures a homeless person will receive an item of necessary clothing. Additionally, Kno is involved in the 100,000 Homes Campaign, which provides temporary homes for those without.

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