10 Looks We REALLY Hope to See in Isabel Marant's H&M Collection

(Credit: ImaxTree)

After seeing a few of the pieces from Isabel Marant's forthcoming H&M collaboration, we've been a little preoccupied counting the days until November 14th, a.k.a the most important date of the year, a.k.a. the day when the highly anticipated collection launches in stores and online. Since she'll probably derive inspiration from several of her stellar collections past, we've rounded up 10 of our favorite 'French-girl-cool' looks from the last five seasons; all of which we seriously hope will be a part of her affordable high street diffusion line. (Fingers crossed!)

FALL 2013: We're guessing this sheer, long sleeve jersey tee and heavily-studded miniskirt would be warmly welcomed in any aspiring rock starlet's closet. It absolutely oozes casual and cool model off-duty, 'I-just-threw-this-on' sex appeal.
(Credit: ImaxTree)

FALL 2013: Where the plain black blazer falls short, this studded jacket instantly picks up the slack. We'd wear it to jazz up a white tee and a pair of skinny jeans, or perhaps we'd go for a completely mismatched-but-still-dressed-up look by throwing it over a slinky floor-length floral frock. 
(Credit: ImaxTree)

FALL 2013: Since the ubiquitous leggings look isn't going anywhere anytime soon, Marant should totally add a pair of double-panel leggings to her diffusion collection. Only, instead of real leather, she can pair much more cost-effective pleather with dark denim.(Credit: ImaxTree)

SPRING 2013: A lightweight, super-sparkly blouse is essentially jewelry in garment form, so there's no need to accessorize when wearing this top. We'd toss it on over a high-waisted black pencil skirt to make it work for the office, or over a pair of cutoff denim shorts to glitz up a girl's night out look.(Credit: ImaxTree)

FALL 2012: It doesn't get much girlier than this frilly, lacy, cowgirl-inspired mini dress. We'd layer it under an oversize chunky gray sweater to make it work for day, or rock it with a fierce pair of thigh-high boots after dark.(Credit: ImaxTree)

FALL 2012: While there's a place for well-cut pair of black leather pants in every woman's wardrobe (no matter her personal style), they might not be in her budget. That's where Marant comes in—we're willing to bet she can make a pleather pair look even better than the real thing.
(Credit: ImaxTree)

FALL 2012: A leather mini dress certainly isn't for the faint of fashion heart (especialy not one with a plethora of perforations in the décolletage area), but that's what makes diffusion collections so great—there'll be something in there for everyone, including those whose taste leans rather risqué.(Credit: ImaxTree)

SPRING 2012: Think of this super-short metallic party dress as your go-to insta-glam weapon. We'd pull it out for everything from a bachelorette party in Vegas to a concert at the VIP Room in Paris. (Credit: ImaxTree)

SPRING 2012: Prints please! We'd kill to own a version of this vibrant set. We might wear them together occasionally, but more often than not, we'd mix in other different prints like a champ and pair the splattered skinny jeans with a silk leopard-print blouse, and the colorful sweatshirt with a striped pencil skirt. (Credit: ImaxTree)

FALL 2011: Of course there'll be footwear in Marant's diffusion collection... We fully expect a version of her super popular Bekett wedge sneakers to make an appearance, but if we're lucky, perhaps she'll rehash the design of these fabulous over-the-knee fringe boots, too.(Credit: ImaxTree)