You'll Never Guess Who's Selling $3,000 'Twilight'-Themed Fine Jewelry

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Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart, Stephenie Meyer, and Robert Pattinson (Getty Images)more pics »So, uh, Bed Bath & Beyond is starting to take the "Beyond" part of its name a bit too seriously...

Now, while you're on the hunt for affordable bedding and as-seen-on-TV tupperware, you can also treat yourself to a bundle of high-end fine jewelry based on (wait for it...) the movie Twilight. Just when you thought all the KStew hype was over, right?

Also, when we say this stuff is high-end, we're talking high-end—well, at least for a suburban-loved homestore that sends out a bajillion coupons a month to cost-conscious moms across the US. The most expensive jewel (a replica of Bella's engagement ring, no less) clocks in at just over $3,000.

Check out the five priciest pieces from The Official Twilight Collection, below, and tell us—is RPatz fandom really worth this much?

5) Cullen Crest Sterling Silver Pendant with Black Diamond & Onyx, $945.99:

4) Bella's Moonstone Gold-Plated 14K Gold Ring, $989.99

3) Women's Wolf Pack Sterling Silver Diamond Pendant, $1,055.99:

2) Cullen Crest Diamond & Onyx Sterling Silver Earrings, $2,114.99:

And last but not least, the aforementioned official replica of Bella's diamond engagement ring. If any guy ever got down on one knee with this thing in front of us—well, there'd certainly be tears, we'll just say that...

1) Bella's 14K White Gold Engagement Ring, $3,299.99:

Okay ladies, sound off—would you ever wear any of these pieces? Do you have any Twi-hard friends that would go gaga for this collection? Let us know in the comments, below!