UNVEILED: The Ikea Monkey's Secret Shearling Coat Source [+ Monkey VIDEO]

(Courtesy of Twitter.com/dzd_lisa)
This weekend, a very well-dressed monkey named Darwin let himself out of his owner's car in a Toronto parking lot, wandered into Ikea, and became an internet sensation, thanks in part to his stylish shearling coat.
Just look at his fan art!

(Via Reddit
(Via IkeaCatalogMonkey.Tumblr.com) 
Darwin's Russian-inspired topper ("his favorite," according to his owners) is actually from baby clothing line MicroMotion, The National Post reports. And, while the little guy is most likely being sent to live on a primate sanctuary—because owning a macaque is totally illegal in Canada—we can look back on some of Darwin's sartorial highlights, thanks to his (former?) owner's treasure trove of monkey fashion clips. 
Here's Darwin dressed up as a flying devil monkey for Halloween. 
And here he is in a kicky little plaid number. 
Oh, and here's Darwin wearing pair of overalls, and demonstrating why keeping a monkey as a pet is just the worst
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