The Worst Fashion News We've Heard All Day: Aubin & Wills is Officially Dunzo

(Aubin & Wills) From the brand's Christmas collection

It's not often—maybe a handful of times over the course of a fashion lifetime—that you find a brand or designer that you completely and utterly identify with, fall in love with, and live in. For me, Aubin & Wills is one of those labels. Its grown-up, laid-back, well-made, not-too-expensive-but-expensive, everything-goes-together, fits-me, comes in great colors, easy-to-wear, washable (!), Britishy-but-not-beat-you-over-the-head-Britishy clothes are an aesthetic I completely and wholeheartedly embraced the minute I first laid eyes on an Aubin & Wills shop-in-shop at Selfridges in London way back in 2009.

Sadly, at the end of this year, it'll all be over. Super sad face.

According to a report in the Telegraph, Aubin & Wills' parent company, Jack Wills, will close Aubin & Wills' 12 stores and the company will shutter by the end of 2012.

"Aubin & Wills is a brand that has captured us all in different ways and it feels to tantalizingly close to us having the brand right," Jack Wills CEO Glen Tinton told the Telegraph. "At its core, however, it just does not have the fundamental business model advantages that Jack Wills has."

Excuse me while I go order (and hoard) every single Aubin & Wills item I can. Check out some of my favorite picks from the brand's newest Christmas collection, out today:

Above, the "Kilmiston" shirt, $104.

Above, left to right: the "Everard" crew sweater, $129; the "Flowton" blouse, $202, and "Bardell" short, $153

Above, left to right: The "Mayhew" dress, $636; The "Chellington" dress, $282
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