Signature Style: Gwen Stefani Loves Plaid Prints and Bombshell Beauty

Gwen Stefani (Bauer Griffin,

Gwen Stefani (Bauer Griffin)
From her days as the 6-pack baring wild child of No Doubt to her new sophisticated roles as a mother and designer, Gwen Stefani's style has always been distinct. While her image has matured, her signature look has stayed intact and merely evolved to suit her changing life. The style maven's favorite weapons of distinction? Tartan prints teamed with bold red lips and bottle-blond tresses.

Gwen has practically patented plaid and loves to juxtapose the Scottish print with retro 'dos and classic bombshell makeup. The brazen songstress originated the melding of grunge rock with refined glamour—a catalyst for girls of the '90s to reach for peroxide, dark liner and bare midriffs. To this day, however, Gwen might be the only one who can make drop-crotch pants look ridiculously sexy.

Gwen+Stefani in Love Rock Charity Concert
(Bauer Griffin)
Perhaps this image of a rebellious Gwen is most cemented in America's memory of the '90s icon. The "guy's girl" loved to rock ties with low-rise jeans and show off her washboard abs in ultra-tiny tops like this one. This is proof that the blond never played it safe with her wardrobe or her makeup: challenging modern day beauty norms by playing up her porcelain skin and dressing her feminine physique in masculine designs.

Gwen+Stefani in 20th Annual Kids' Choice Awards
(Bauer Griffin)
Gwen covered her torso for the Annual Kids' Choice Awards in 2007 but intertwined her signature flair with a tartan scarf around her neck and a retro victory roll in her hair. And of course, she never sets foot on the red carpet without hot red lips.

Gwen+Stefani in Gwen Stefani Heading To A Friends Birthday Party
For one of my favorite Gwen looks, the chic musician was spotted walking to a friend's birthday party in this black-and-white wool wrap coat. I loved the graphic print that she cleverly paired with leopard cat eyes and super-sexy lace-up boots.

Gwen+Stefani in Gwen Stefani Out in London
Gwen brightened up a gloomy day in London with red plaid accents on this kilt-inspired ensemble. This was definitely one of her more modest looks, but epitomized her fierce commitment to the key elements of her style.

Gwen+Stefani in Gwen Stefani at LAX
(Bauer Griffin)
The glam rocker even travels in tartan! For a trip to LAX with her son Kingston, Gwen stepped out in this dip-dyed gray and red coat that reminded me of her famous pink ombre wedding gown.

Gwen+Stefani in Gwen Stefani, and Family Get LUunch
There was something about this effortlessly stylish look that really wowed me. Perhaps it was the airy plaid harem pants were knotted just above Gwen's sleek stilettos or maybe it was Gwen's modern shades with her potent vintage beauty.

Want to take a stab at Gwen's rocker glam style?
Try these tricks:

1. Play with prints! Whether it's plaid or tribal, polka-dot or leopard, Gwen loves to make a statement with patterned apparel. Pick out a fave and make it your signature.
2. Try bold but classic makeup. Nothing is more timeless—or packs more of a punch—than red lipstick. Mix it up like Gwen with the occasional shade of fuchsia.
3. The devil is in the details: The designer and mom always gets it right from head to toe. Complete your look with a pair of cat eyes or a statement scarf.
4. Keep it casual and comfortable; the rocker saves her ultra-elegant evening gowns for very rare and special occasions. This simple rule will help you capture her effortless style and confidence.
5. Borrow from his closet. While Gwen's beauty is timelessly feminine, she likes to try out boyish clothing that few women dare to attempt. Add variety to your next day look with a newsboy cap, slouchy pants or tough combat boots for an element of rocker edge.

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