Sookie, SNUBBED?!!!

'Gilmore Girls' fans around the globe all simultaneously die a little inside.

Sookie, SNUBBED?!!!

You guys! Tell me something... when you think of the Gilmore Girls — the cast, the characters, the storyline, the show in general, can you imagine Stars Hollow without one Sookie St. James? Yeah, me neither. Melissa McCarthy, who played Sookie for the entirety of the show's 7-year run, took to Twitter today to make it known that she was not invited to reprise her role for the Netflix revival!!!

I know, right? How could you not even ask? The world is collectively shaking it's head in shame. 

And let me tell you, Sherman-Palladino's explanation is equally as infuriating. In an interview with TVLine, she claims - and I quote - "Planning around her crazypants schedule and her movies and her this and her that and 'Ghostbusters'…" further claiming, "If she has a spare moment to run over [to the set] - even if for just a cameo - we would be totally game." 

So basically you're telling GG fans that because you assumed Melissa McCarthy would be too busy to reprise her role, you just blatantly didn't ask her to do it? Somewhere in the interview she claims, "She’s really f—ing busy...But the thing I have said [to her team] is, ‘Look, if Melissa is available and has an afternoon free, I’ll write her a scene.'"

Some of the best fan reactions are coming from Twitter:

Sookie, SNUBBED?!!!
Sookie, SNUBBED?!!!
Sookie, SNUBBED?!!!

Now, if I were apart of the revival (which sadly, I am not), I would not just "offer her team a scene," I would literally send baskets of fruit and flowers and champagne and chocolate covered Sherri's Berries, on a daily basis, until she was able to clear her schedule enough for the 4-part revival. I mean, this is Sookie St. James we are talking about, not like, I don't know, Taylor - or someone else that's indispensable! It would be like John Stamos just never even bothering to ask the Olsens to be in Fuller House just because he knew the answer would be no. You ask anyway! 

I shudder to think of a Stars Hollow where Sookie St. James isn't in the kitchen! It's an outrage! And a reality that, from what it looks like, we will be facing soon enough. Lauren Graham, we're looking to you to fix this.

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