33 Thoughts On the Last Episode of 'Girls' Ever

All the thoughts and feels we had while watching the Season 6 finale of 'Girls.'

33 Thoughts On the Last Episode of 'Girls' Ever

Let's talk about Girls –– for the last time. The pithy, always controversial (and at times admittedly unrealistic), but nonetheless poignant and wildly entertaining HBO show has officially come to an end. And with its Season 6 finale comes an onslaught of thoughts and feels on where exactly this leaves us, not to mention its characters, as watchers of the show for 6 (!) whole years. Read on for all the high-flying emotions I had upon watching the final episode.

1. Okay, first and foremost, how did Marnie suddenly turn into the “mature” one?

2. Hannah’s mom is a badass.

3. Hannah, however, most decidedly is not. It’s kind of sad –– actually, really sad –– that she appears to have become the Worst Mom Ever, although nobody really expected any different. Will she EVER grow up? That is the real question here.

4. I mean, when Marnie of all people is telling you that you need to act more like an adult, that’s really saying something.

33 Thoughts On the Last Episode of 'Girls' Ever

5. Side note: When Loreen catches Marnie touching herself while engaging in some very odd captain/stewardess/in flight role play with some random dude on FaceTime –– that was an utterly perfect, laugh out loud Girls moment for real.

6. In all honesty, it feels like the penultimate episode, Goodbye Tour, was a much more appropriate finale than this one. It really summed things up nicely for all the girls –– primarily with Shosh making her grand and glorious exit from their unhealthy, codependent and manipulative little circle, which honestly left me wondering why that didn’t happen much, much sooner.

7. Although we all know there would, of course, be no Girls without the girls, they do all kind of suck as friends. Like Jessa said in Goodbye Tour, “Our best was awful.”

8. On another note, only Jessa could look quite as fabulous as she did while grunging around town in what amounted to a fuzzy bikini top and high-waisted shorts (and hooking up with sleazy dudes at bars in the middle of the day because she thought Adam was crawling back to Hannah). Those abs, though; Jemima Kirke, we see you, girl!

33 Thoughts On the Last Episode of 'Girls' Ever

9. But this, at the end of the day, is a significant factor in what made Girls so engrossing –– and what made us all go back to watching it again and again, even when we found ourselves hating each and every one of the characters in unique and interesting and more than viable ways.

10. And also questioning why and how any of these women could possibly have stayed friends for as long as they have.

11. But the dynamic.

12. That doesn’t stop me from intensely disliking Hannah in this episode, though. I’m not entirely sure why, but I just expected so much more from her on the Last Episode Ever.

13. Like, can she just stop already with the trademark Hannah Horvath selfish and whiny tirades against everyone who tries to help her? Idgi. At some point, you’ve gotta grow up. Everyone else did.

14. Loreen bringing her back down to earth is oh so satisfying to watch.

15. Which brings me to the utterly inane moment in which Hannah seems to finally experience a maternal catharsis after divesting herself of her pants and shoes to hand them off to a crying teenage girl who ran away from home in her underwear.

16. Okay, so let’s break this down fully. Scenes like this are what served to make the show so funny and poignant and special –– but here, they seem to have missed the mark. Why must it take take an aimless and less-than-groundbreaking encounter with a stranger, and a bratty teenage one at that, for Hannah to come to herself?

17. Possibly because she’s as emotionally mature as said teenager herself. Oof.

33 Thoughts On the Last Episode of 'Girls' Ever

18. These wildly unrealistic and often discomfiting scenes are intended to remind us that life can be random and painful and powerful and cathartic and sometimes completely mundane all in one. (Also, it’s an HBO show. Duh.)

19. Oh, and Hannah just had a baby, so she’s more off the rails than usual. I get that. But I won’t lie, this just didn’t work for me. It felt tacked on and inappropriate.

20. We don’t even have to go into how off-character it was for Hannah to have actually had Grover.

21. Because now that Hannah is a mom, the whole running around with no pants on thing in the dark while your mother and best friend are home taking care of your newborn infant just doesn’t work.

22. And was it necessary to bring such a spectacularly bad young actress into the fold with this?

23. On another note, we need to talk about the fact that this finale felt very much like a decisive ending only for Hannah. Although we of course got that out-of-nowhere conclusion previously with Shosh, what about Jessa and Adam?

24. What about Adam’s movie, for that matter?

25. Also, we already miss Elijah.

26. Marnie’s character arc felt very contrived as well, although the moment when she "won" the rights to help Hannah with her baby? That was prime time Marnie and straight up Girls gold.

27. But all in all, as much as I do wish that the rest of the characters had gotten their proper sendoffs in the final episode, they did have that perfectly conclusive "group meeting" in the bathroom the episode before. Totally full circle, when you consider how many significant conversations happened in tiny bathrooms in the show.

33 Thoughts On the Last Episode of 'Girls' Ever

28. So, despite all this, I have to admit: I won’t forget Season 6 of Girls anytime soon.

29. And I do want to point out that Hannah Horvath is pretty much the ultimate anti-heroine, and that’s what makes her stand out so much as a female protagonist. It’s what makes her unforgettable –– and it’s also a pointed refusal, on Lena Dunham’s part, to set up a "perfect" female character.

30. Plus, for Hannah to pack up her bags, leave the city, and settle down in a house in upstate New York with her baby and an actual teaching position (I’m not even gonna go into how wildly unrealistic that whole scenario is)? This was a decision that felt surprisingly appropriate, not to mention final.

31. With that being said, thrusting this anti-heroine into the grip of motherhood (quite literally –– after all, the episode is called Latching) in the very last scene is an interesting and unexpected choice.

32. Maybe being a single mom will finally force Hannah to grow up. Maybe not; after all, we’ve already seen evidence point to the latter. But either way, it’s safe to say that many fans of the show feel like we’ve grown up with her, myself included –– and that’s what makes for really great television.

33. After all, no matter what else you’ve got to say about Girls, you can’t deny that it was really, really great television.

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