7 Things I Hope Happen on the Netflix 'Gilmore Girls' Revival

News of a revival show is bound to spark some fan wish lists...and I'm no exception.

7 Things I Hope Happen on the Netflix 'Gilmore Girls' Revival
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In case you live under a rock and haven't heard, the beloved-by-many Gilmore Girls is getting a 4-episode revival show on Netflix. Each episode will be 90 minutes of gloriousness (fingers crossed) and set in a different season, starting with "Winter." As casting decisions and set locations are revealed over social media, fans, including myself, are speculating as to where this revival will find our favorite Gilmore universe characters.

Since revival shows of this nature are nothing if not an opportunity to engage in wish fulfillment fodder (this also applies to reunion shows), I'm grabbing said opportunity by the horns and hereby present the 7 things I really hope happen when Gilmore Girls returns to our screens. In no particular order. They better happen. I mean it.

Rory leaves ALL of her past boyfriends behind (yes, even Jess).

It may come as a surprise to some of my friends that I'm not rooting for Rory and Jess to get back together and live happily ever after in Gilmore Girls 2.0. I've gone on the record as a staunch Jess Mariano fan (and a Jess & Rory fan). I stand by that position...when it comes to the Gilmore Girls world of the past. Jess & Rory forever, in the case of the first seven seasons. But now we're actually getting a Gilmore Girls: Where Are They Now?. And realistically, nine-ish years after Rory graduated college...I kind of hope she's moved on from all three of her great young adult loves (that'd be Dean, Jess, and Logan, FYI). All three actors are confirmed for the show, though according to IMDb, only Milo Ventimiglia (Jess) is showing up in episodes beyond the first one ("Winter"). But here's hoping grown-up Rory realizes that her dating pool isn't limited to Dean, Jess, and Logan (though I'm not above rooting for a one-night Rory-Jess hook-up, let's be real) and moves on for good.

We get a nice tribute to Richard Gilmore (Edward Herrmann).

7 Things I Hope Happen on the Netflix 'Gilmore Girls' Revival

Sadly, Edward Herrmann passed away in 2014, so his character, Richard Gilmore, won't be making an appearance in Gilmore Girls: The New Class. "Winter" picks up four months after Richard Gilmore's death, so we probably won't see his funeral, but I sincerely hope Amy Sherman-Palladino and team find a touching way to pay tribute to the great tour de force that was Richard Gilmore — and by extension, Edward Herrmann.

Sookie shows up.

Sure, Melissa McCarthy says she wasn't invited to participate (which I just don't get — not that I work in Hollywood and understand all those politics, but whatever), but Lorelei and Sookie's friendship and partnership was core to OG GG. What's Stars Hollow without Sookie? So let's cross our fingers for a surprise Sookie appearance — or at least a detailed update on her life that explains her absence in a plausible way.

Lane Kim is a rock star. So is Paris Gellar, in a totally different way.

7 Things I Hope Happen on the Netflix 'Gilmore Girls' Revival

I can only wish upon a star that both of Rory Gilmore's best friends are totally bad-ass chicks who are killing it in their respective lives. And yeah, it would be pretty freaking cool if Lane Kim (with or without Hep Alien; don't care so much about them) finally achieved rock star status. She was destined for it! And her now nine-year-old twins would probably love life on tour (I'm sure they'd look super cute in kiddie punk gear, too).

Now, Paris Gellar won't be doing the literal rock star thing, but she should still be rockin' it. Is she schooling the crew at Seattle Grace in every surgery specialty possible? Is she running R&D at Apple? Is she an astronaut rescuing Matt Damon from Mars? Is she running for president as an Independent in 2016? I'd believe any of these choices, and I'd be on board for all of it, too.

We spend lots of time in Stars Hollow.

I don't want to spend our limited time back in Gilmore world hopping around to wherever the Gilmores and co. are living these days. Whatever it takes to get them back to Stars Hollow/surrounding Connecticut areas for four seasons, do it. Because I want to hang out with the crazy townspeople we've come to know and love, in addition to and interacting with the Gilmore ladies. Bonus points if Emily has moved in with Lorelei after Richard's death. Oh, the Odd Couple hijinks that would ensue!

Sutton Foster pops up as a guest-star.

Whether or not she's playing her Bunheads character, I want to see shining star Sutton Foster frolicking around the streets of Stars Hollow. She's great, and what a fun Easter egg it'll be for Sherman-Palladino/Bunheads groupies.

Everyone is generally happy.

7 Things I Hope Happen on the Netflix 'Gilmore Girls' Revival

Okay, this last point might be kind of a cop-out. I just want us to end on a good note when it comes to the last 90-minute episode — EVER — of Gilmore Girls ("Fall"). Ambiguity, I'm cool with it. But devastation? No. To be honest, total sadness for the residents of Stars Hollow isn't exactly the Gilmore Girls style, so I'm fairly confident that won't happen, but I still have to put my hopes for a happy ending out there into the universe.

If you need me, I'll be over here daydreaming about all the fun stuff that'll go down in Gilmore Girls: The Next Generation. Leave your own hopes for the revival in the comments (or hit me up on Twitter), and cheers to our collective return to the GG world!