The Top 10 Moments from 'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 19, Episode 9: Dance-Offs & Disses

(Photos via The CW)

Last week's epside of America's Next Top Model ended with a huge cliffhanger: Tyra brought back the seven girls who were previously kicked out of the competition—Destiny (The Bad-Ass Girl), Jessie (The Awesome Butt Girl), Darian (The LSU Girl), Leila (The High-Fashion Girl), Allyssa (The Brazilian Bombshell Girl), Yvonne (The Plus-Sized Girl), and, last but not least, Brittany (The Disney Girl).

So, this week was the moment of truth we've all been waiting for. Which girl is back on the show and, once again, in the running to become America's Next Top Model?

We won't keep you waiting. Read on to find out who got the comeback—plus our other top nine moments from America's Next Top Model Cycle 19, Episode 9, "The Girls Go to Jamaica."

10) The girl who comes back is... In a super-emotional announcement of who gets the boot for a second time, and which model gets another chance at, uh, being on top—it all came down to these two ladies. For a second we thought our fave—and if you remember, Tyra's too—bootylicious Brazilian was going to return, but alas, America voted and it loved Leila and her high-fashion gap! So, yay! Leila is back!

9) We can't stop obsessing over Kristin's geek glasses: Never mind what the Mean Girl said in the confessional, we were way too busy swooning over those gigantic trapezoid frames. If we really had to wrack our brains, we thiiiiink she was complaining about the other girls. Sounds about right. Right?

8) The girls go to (as Tyra says it) Jaaaamaica: We were so consumed over the elimination comeback, that we totally didn't realize... It's down to six final contestants. You know what that means in ANTM-land. Destination shoots! Upon the models' arrival to the island, they got greeted by these fine fellas. Not a bad welcome wagon, no?

7) Smizer vs. Toocher: Tyra makes a surprise appearance after the contestants touch down and treats the girls to a little known Tyra-ism. "Most models are either smizers or toochers, but the top girls are both." Oh wait, you already knew that?

6) It's time to dirty wind now, mon: Of course Tyra's words of wisdom had to translate into a challenge somehow. The models broke up into teams of two (Kiara and Natasia, Leila and Victoria, Kristin and Laura) and competed in a full-on dance-off—complete with their own choreographed routines.

Natasia—who's so sweet and shy she hardly ever gets a mention on our full-of-drama Top 10 lists—shocked us by breaking out of her timid demeanor. Literally. That girl can break it down.

Now, Home School Girl on the otherhand...

5) Victoria simply cannot dance: Which is totally okay—we seriously hope we never have to dance on national television either—but then she offered this awkward explanation on why she's not good: "I did dance in a Siamese ballet once, but I don't feel like it's really going to benefit me."

Somehow though, she and Leila managed to do better than Laura and Kristin in
the dance-off.

4) Kristin's true colors start to shine: When Leila was first kicked off the show, there was some tension between her and the other girls. And all of that returns with her. It becomes way obv that Kristin does NOT like Leila.

In the confessional, Kristin goes on this long-winded rant about the comeback queen: "I don't like Leila because this is a competition about a well-rounded model that can do anything. She can only take pictures. You're a lucky b*tch that happened to pop out with a f*cking gap. I don't want you here!"

Do we sense a fight coming on?

3) Kelly gives a hilarious critique: The second Tyra calls Victoria up, Kelly rolls her eyes and moans, "Oh God. Hi, Victoria how are you?" As we've learned not only from the past 18 cycles of ANTM but also waaaay back when on Kell on Earth, if Kelly greets you by name, it's bad news bears.

Just how bad was Victoria's shot exactly? According to Kelly, this bad: "I really feel like this looks like an advert for a Celine Dion concert in Atlantic City." Ouch.

2) Rob slams Kristin for acting "too cool for school" and then Tyra goes crazy: The judges still think Kristin isn't quite there in terms of being a high-fashion model. And Rob comes right out and tells her she looks uncomfortable with her body, along with this: "If you're at a casting and they ask you to act a fool you've got to do it."

Cue Tyra's impromptu "How to Act Like a Fool" lesson here—which, might we add, includes screaming, fake crying, and, uh, really scary faces.

1) We actually, for once, sympathize with Victoria (spoiler alert): Victoria's been a little misunderstood (understatement) throughout this entire competition, but when she got eliminated last night, we felt really bad for her. With a look of utter disappoint and total despair, she confided to the camera: "I wanted to be a role model for that quirky girl who's just a little bit different." It's probably the most touching, and well, normal thing we've ever heard her say.

What do you think about Leila making her return? Were you super-sad to see Home School Girl go? And will Kristin finally lose it next week and go all Mean Girl on Leila? Sound off with your predictions for next week in the comments below!