Super-Cool Facebook App Alert: Nars' Andy Warhol Profile Pic Makeover

If you're bored (at work and) with the boring old banner photo of your dog that sits on top of your Facebook profile, here's something awesome we can totally get behind—Nars has just launched a free Andy Warhol-inspired photo app that takes your photo (from your albums, your computer, or from your webcam) and Warhol-izes them. The results: a perfectly-sized portrait or cover image for your Facebook page.

Check out Nars-ladies Heather Park and Aja Johnson's, above!

Want to try it? It takes, like, two seconds, and is AWESOME. Check it out by signing into your Facebook account and clicking here.

Here's a video how-to to demo how the app works:

Are you going to Andy Warhol-ize your Facebook? Share the results by tweeting your photos to us at @StyleBistro!
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