Hand-Supermodel Ellen Sirot Shows Us Four Popular Hand Model Poses

We call this one: "Holding champagne glasses up to the light to check for spots."

Things to do on a Tuesday: take a crash course in hand-modeling.

This morning, we were paid a visit by Ellen Sirot, the country's top hand model. Yes, that's right, hand model. This is a woman who specializes in modeling hand products—and using her hands to demo other products (like the new iPhone!). We talked about the imminent drugstore launch of Hand Perfection, an amazing new line of anti-aging hand-care creams and potions (more on that later!), for which she's a spokesperson.

Of course, we couldn't let her leave without asking her to demonstrate four of her favorite handmodel poses. Check them out, right here! These are four carefully-cultivated, well-practiced, sculptural looks honed over 20 years of professional hand-modeling, people! Pay attention.

There's this one, which we like to think of as: "Reading a paperback novel that's so heavy we need the other hand to support the wrist."

And this one, which we like to call: "Handling and simultaneously cooing at a small, cute baby animal."

And this one, which we'll call: "Look at my perfectly-pushed-back cuticles."

But seriously, folks, Sirot's job is super-fascinating and we can't wait to tell you all about her new handcare line, Hand Perfection, which launches in drugstores this January! Stay tuned!
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