Obsession of the Day: Lacoste x Campanas Collaboration 2.0, Holiday 2012 Edition

Back in 2009, Lacoste teamed up with the Campana Brothers—Humberto and Fernando Campana, famous furniture designers in their native Brazil—to create a capsule collection of the brand's iconic polo shirts featuring modified logos.

Here's what ensued: basically one of the coolest collaborations ever. check out two of the amazing pieces the Campanas created with Lacoste—and yes, that, on the right, is a polo shirt made entirely out of Lacoste crocodiles.

Fast forward three years and Lacoste x Campanas is back for another round—and this time the results are far more subtle, and, well, wearable. Check out the cool black and white polos up top—and variations on the themes, below.

The new logo iterations are inspired by the Campanas' furniture research—and obsession with rolling (like Japanese "sushi," they call it).

The Lacoste x Campanas rainbow logo shirt is available now at Colette for $154 and the black and white logo polo will also run you about $154. Which one do you prefer?
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