Shoes You'll Live In - Our Favorite Footwear from Madewell's Spring '13 Collection

(Photos by StyleBistro)

Okay, okay, it's not even winter yet, and the fashion media (us, sorry) have been trying to shove spring down your throat for the past, oh, two months or so. We get it, we get it—we're just kicking off boot season in our personal wardrobes too. But sometimes we see stuff ahead of time that's so exciting, we just have to show you... like, right now. Case in point: the Madewell spring 2013 shoe collection, which we scoped out yesterday on a quick visit to the J. Crew slash Madewell headquarters here in New York.

Two words pretty readily sum up the Madewell spring shoe collection: Wearable, Stylish.

If you, like us, love shoes, but are sick of shelling out for footwear you can't walk more than half a block in? Well, check out Madewell's adorable shoes—and start making your shopping list for February and March 2013!

Here are our absolute faves—starting with the platform, thick-strap, giant-buckled sandals in a neutral beige, up top.

Then, there's this gorgeous array of summer shoes—lightweight ankle boots, ankle-strap pointy flats (they're soft!), clog-gy platforms, gladiators that aren't too, too gladiator-y:

These genteel sandals that make your foot look oh-so-dainty:

These pointed colorblock pastel-y flats (look great with a cross-body saddle bag!):

Colorblock pumps seem to be the thing for spring—we saw them at both Madewell and J. Crew. Makes sense—they're an easy way to get away with wearing a pretty heel with a casual outfit (do you sometimes try to wear heels with jeans and feel weirdly too dressy? Yeah, us too). Ooh, and don't forget the notebook-marbled flats:

Cute little lace-up ankle strap flats (these would be so cute with flats and full skirts):

Neon flats are happening—and so are spring ankle boots:

We can never get enough of patent Oxfords, ever—and check out these heeled boots in bold lipstick-red suede:

Teal suede flats with ankle straps—so elegant, so sweet:

And they come in more colors!

A close-up of the pointy ankle-strap flats:

Perforated leather sandals:

Smart (but cool) pumps for work + slingback sandals:

Some great weekend basics:

Which are your favorite spring shoes from Madewell? Are you a Madewell addict like we are? Tell us what some of your favorite Madewell buys of all time are. Mine: a black leather clutch I took everywhere with me for a year.
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