8 Celeb Fashion Tumblrs You Need to Check Out

We stumbled upon a brand-new gem on the internet—15-year-old Kylie Jenner's fashion Tumblr. It's called "Kalifornia Klasss." Yep. Kalifornia Klasss. Three s-es.

Scroll through, and you'll see it's filled with the expected pictures of Christian Louboutins, Chanel-emblazoned paraphernalia, and the occasional appearance of a sister or two (even Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth make a couple of cameos).

So, with Kylie's Kouture Kalfornia Klasss Tumblr in mind, we set out to find which other celebs keep personal Tumblrs chock full of fashion fun. Here are some of our favorites:

Miley Cyrus' "Unleashed Temptation"

For someone who's gone all punk-rock on us (in the past, oh, two weeks), Miley Cyrus' Tumblr "Unleashed Temptation" is kind of cute cute. Fifty percent fashion, 25 percent baby animals, and 25 percent food, it's basically a mix of all our favorite things. The selection of style-related items is interesting—instead of the grunge getups she's been sporting lately, Miley blogs things like Chanel earrings, Coach windows, and pastel-hued pieces. Random, but still really pretty!

Beyonce "I Am"

Reading more like a travel diary than a personal style blog, Beyonce's "I Am" Tumblr was a fast favorite of ours. Her Instagram-like pictures document what she's doing on tour, what she's wearing, what fab chandelier earrings are dangling from her lobes, and what nail art she's rocking. Really, B needs to add "Awesome" to the end of her Tumblr's title because it's true, she is awesome.

Shay Mitchell "Peaches and Rainbows"

Forget the Pretty Little Liars star's impeccable fashion sense, her Tumblr "Peaches and Rainbows" is chock-full of pretty pictures ready to be bookmarked (or pinned, of course). Focusing mostly on nail art and makeup, Shay Mitchell's blog is full of cute pastel-hued beauty looks and clothes (and the occasional puppy or baby, of course).

Troian Bellisario "It's About What You Leave Behind"

Another Pretty Little Liars star, Troian has incredible taste for vintage costumes, shoes, accessories, and old-school movies. Fashion aside—we're also pretty obsessed with the font on her Tumblr, "It's About What You Leave Behind."

Coco Rocha "Oh So Coco"

The supermodel's Tumblr "Oh So Coco" is as adorable as its name. With pictures of her travels and photo shoots, the model gives us a glimpse into her very enviable (and fashionable) lifestyle. Her background image is also pretty badass.


Hip hop singer Kreayshawn's Tumblr kind of makes you feel like you smoked crack while simultaneously having a seizure—in the best possible way, of course. The background is a GIF of Kreayshawn sitting on a floor covered in eyeballs. The rest is mostly psychedelic colored clothes like the shorts above, glittery nail art, and weird images such as a breakfast full of googly eyes (imagine pancakes, cheerios, and a glass of milk with googly eyes floating around).

Pete Wentz

Definitely the biggest surprise celeb fashion blogger of them all, Pete Wentz fills his personal Tumblr with women in pretty dresses, indie street style snaps, and rad accessories like zipper bangles and skeletal cuffs.
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