Ralph Lauren Launches Vintage E-Commerce

(Ralph Lauren)

You don't have to sift through thrift stores anymore to get your hands on some vintage Ralph Lauren. Last night, the label launched its first online vintage shop, RLVintage.com, full of the kind of Americana-inspired pieces RL addicts spend hours stalking on eBay.

Right now the looks are definitely Western, but the site's team promises to switch out the merch's theme every season. So, this being Ralph Lauren, you can probably expect to see some equestrian and jazz age lawn party-inspired duds in the near future. 

(Ralph Lauren) 

And, if you're seriously regretting donating that RL tartan coat to Goodwill, Lauren's team just debuted the "Bring It Back" program—an interactive poll where shoppers can vote on which retired items the label should produce again. 

First up is this polo bear sweater, which was introduced in 1991, and came about because Ralph Lauren was really into dressing up Steiff teddy bears in tiny versions of his clothes. Who knew!

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