Wear This Color, Get Engaged - Astrology Zone's Susan Miller Tells All

(Photo courtesy of Calypso St. Barth)

It's no secret that wearing bright colors can lift your mood and black makes you feel instantly slimmer—hellooo, winter wardrobe!—but did you know the hues you choose can actually have an impact on your goals and dreams?

Well, according to Astrology Zone's Susan Miller—the super-bubbly, ultra-personable, celeb-fave astrologer who dominates the horoscope pages and columns of your favorite magazines, like ELLE, around the world—it's true!

To help you achieve your goals in the new year, Miller teamed up with luxury lifestyle brand Calypso St. Barth to launch a lush new line of cashmere in 13 bold colors, each of which corresponds to a ruling planet and its sign's characteristics.

Amazed and bewildered, we knew we had to put this theory to the test—so we met up with Miller at Calypso St. Barth's Madison Avenue store for a "color aura reading." Yes, as in we gushed our inner, most-deepest secrets and desires to Miller, and she told us the exact color we needed to wear in order to make our wildest dreams come true.

See, here we are:

So what exactly did we tell Miller our goals were for the new year? A promotion! (Hear that boss? Jay-kay. But really, who doesn't want to further their career?)

Surprisingly, there's no magic color that will just poof get you a promotion—but based on your gig, certain colors you wear can help foster the traits vital to your work success. Check out the color wheel below:

So for example, since we're writers, Miller told us we need to wear more navy because the sign of Saturn reigns over intelligence and the ability to articulate. Similarly, a doctor who wants to foster his or her work would wear soft jade (for better healing mind, body, and spirit) and a singer would wear pistachio (for improving lyrical abilities).

Then, after giving Miller more deets on our birthday—which was actually that day! Woot for Scorpios!—and our love life, she told us she predicts an engagement in the near future. So, if you guys start seeing us, and other gals for that matter, adding a whole lot of cayenne into our daily wardrobe rotation, you'll know why. (Note to BF: Please don't dump me after this...)

What do you guys think about using color as a tool to achieve your goals—is this something you'd ever try? What things do you want to improve next year, or even now? We're dying to know! Give us the scoop in the comments, below!