Jessica Chastain's Dreamiest Dresses

See the looks that made the actress a red carpet queen.


Jessica Chastain is not only a critically acclaimed actress, she's also a fashion fanatic—confessing, even, to holding back tears at Paris fashion shows.

Each of Chastain's red carpet appearance reminds us: the girl appreciates a good dress. In fact, we'll be so bold as to deem her the reigning queen of the Cannes Film Festival. Amongst Blake Lively and Nicole Kidman, that's saying something.

The redhead has a penchant for wearing bright solid colors and returns time and again to foolproof designers such as Elie Saab and Alexander McQueen. Everything she puts on has a distinct regal quality. From award shows to premieres, scroll down to see her most unforgettable style moments. 

For Cannes, I told my stylist Elizabeth Stewart, 'I want to wear sunshine,' and Zac Posen made me a dress that looks just like sunshine."

–Jessica Chastain, Stylist

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