Chloe Sevigny's 10 Most Awesome Fashion Moments

Chloe Sevigny (Getty, Chloe Sevigny isn't your typical red carpet walker. Everything the indie fashion favorite wears has a funky edge. She isn't afraid to "man up" with boyish looks one second, then slip into a lace mini the next. The '90s darling is unapologetically adventurous with her style and is known to rock messy hair with a denim jacket and a bright orange lip—just the right amount of sweetness with her spice.

Chloe turned 38 over the weekend and we can't think of a better way to celebrate her birthday than to review her most radical ensembles ever. Scroll through and vote for your favorite at the bottom!

1. Gladiator-Chic
Chloe+Sevigny in BlackBerry Tour Smartphone From Sprint Launch Party(Getty)2. Super Suspenders
Chloe+Sevigny in MOCA's Annual Gala (Getty)3. In the Green
Chloe+Sevigny in MET Costume Institute Benefit Gala Presents (Getty)4. Leather and Lace
Chloe+Sevigny in 2011 CFDA Fashion Awards - Arrivals(Getty)5. Funky Fuchsia
Chloe+Sevigny in Emma Stone at Paris Fashion Week( 6. Ladylike
Chloe+Sevigny in (Getty)7. Artsy Beauty
Chloe+Sevigny in Premiere Of HBO's (Getty)8. Rich Ruffles
Chloe+Sevigny in 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals(Getty)9. Smoke and Mirrors
Chloe+Sevigny in NY: (Getty)10. Power Pouf
Chloe+Sevigny in Premiere Screening Of FX's (Getty)
Poll: What is Chloe Sevigny's best look?
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  • Gladiator-Chic
  • Super Suspenders
  • In the Green
  • Leather and Lace
  • Funky Fuchsia
  • Ladylike
  • Artsy Beauty
  • Rich Ruffles
  • Smoke and Mirrors
  • Power Pouf
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