What Your Favorite Beauty Items Say About You

The makeup items you prioritize can be very telling...

The majority of us have something or other spilling over with beauty products we've collected like treasures over the years. Whether it's a hodge podge drawer, a bursting makeup kit, or a meticulously organized shelf, the average woman is guilty of dabbling with hoarder-like tendencies when it comes to her makeup. 

But even though it seems like we have a small drugstore in the depths of our purses, there are always a few stars that we reach for time and time again. Whether you enjoy giving yourself a bold eye with eyeliner or can't step outside of the house with a swipe of lipgloss, you play favorites. And which items you prize the most can be very telling.

Below are 7 different beauty staples and what they say about you — which one do you fit in with?

1. Eyeliner

You're full of drama and intrigue, but the kind that involves throwing long glances over the tops of newspapers and staring quietly (smolderingly) out of taxi cab windows. You're the type of woman that keeps quiet while perusing the menu on a date -lips pursed as you take in the cocktail list- and comfortable with the fact that you have the handsome man in front of you squirming. Whether you use your coal to cat-eye or to ring, you're the type that knows how to take advantage of her power.

2. Mascara

What Your Favorite Beauty Items Say About You

Fresh-eyed, is what my grandmother would call you. Pretty as a sunbeam and twice as nice, you've got this whole girl next door thing going. You're the type that smiles into her coffee in the morning and can make touching someone's arm while talking to them companionable rather than calculatingly flirty. There's a chance you make sun tea in your kitchen, and a bigger chance that you've baked someone a plate of cookies at least once. And let them keep the plate. You sweetheart you.

3. Bronzer

What Your Favorite Beauty Items Say About You

You're a year-round beach babe. Red popsicles and the smell of coconut oil and suntan lotion immediately come to mind. We can practically feel the sand underneath our toes. You're the girl that looks like she just came back from a long weekend at the Hampton's, even if you don't live anywhere remotely near the east coast. You just somehow make it happen; we don't question it or need the ins and outs. Just know you're glowing and we both hate and respect you for it.

4. Red Lipstick

You're bold. You don't shrink and aren't afraid of a few held stares. You're a siren, luring men to the rocks of your bar stool where you'll chat them up and make them think of long Netflix weekends and Sunday farmer markets and newspapers in bed...and once the martini is done and the olive is eaten, you watch them crash. Ah well, no harm no foul.  They loved every minute of it. 

5. Highlighter

Simple and unassuming but in a fresh, Parisian-woman-walking-in-the-rain kind of way. Do you know what I mean? Where your bangs can be messy and your hair slightly frizzy, but on you it looks mussed and sexy but on us it looks like our life is in shambles. That's why you don't need much except a little shimmer on the bow of your lip and on the sweep of your cheekbone. Because doing anything more would just be plain unfair to the rest of us.

We appreciate your thoughtfulness.

6. Lipgloss

You're a flirt. A total heartbreaker. There's a je ne sais quoi about you where I don't even feel lame saying French words to describe you. That's how dynamic you are. You're the type that can show up to a group dinner two hours late and your friends ask what drink you want instead of passive-aggressively passing you the dessert menu as they push their plates away. You've got a sweetness to you and you know how to work it to your advantage.

7. Eyeshadow

You're creative, adventurous, full of ideas and personality. You know how to take something questionable (blue eyeshadow anyone?) and make it into something remarkable. Where we would assume putting red shadow on our lids would make us look like we woke up with rabid pinkeye, you prove time and time again that it's just another playful option that will look amazing if only you try. And that's the thing: You always try. You're brave and find the fun in life - it's the reason you have a thousand friends. We need someone like you in our lives.