StyleBistro Awards 2012: Cast Your Vote for the Best Twitter Personality

We're back! It's day six of the StyleBistro Awards 2012 and we're here to ask you—Who's the Best Style Personality on Twitter? Scroll through our nine favorite social media standouts, and vote for your top pick in the poll below!

Don't fret if you've missed out on the past week of voting. You can still cast your vote for all our exciting categories (like Best Red Carpet Style, Best New Nail Polish, and Best TV Character Style) right over here.

@DKNY: Aliza Licht, aka the DKNY PR Girl, keeps us on our toes (thumbs?) with her witty
commentary on working in the fashion industry. From her non-purpose bread diet to her examples of the worst PR requests ever, we wonder how this wonder-woman squeezes in time to live tweet the latest gossip on Blair Waldorf.

@OscarPRGirl: If it sparkles, chances are the Oscar de la Renta PR Girl already tweeted about it—and 500 other things from fashion to tequila. Her 140-character quips are so catchy, it spurred this Sh*t Oscar PR Girl Says video. (Erika Bearman—you know, her real name—even makes a cameo!)

@Bergdorfs: If the extravagant window displays are any indication, the Bergdorf life is a fabulous life. And Cannon Hodge, the department store's social media manager, only confirms it. Despite the ongoing champaign parties and rooftop soirées she Instagrams, the Bergdorfs Girl is so down-to-earth, we feel like she's our best friend.

@evachen212: If you ever feel bad about your shopping habits, peruse through Chen Bannister's timeline and, rest assured, your addiction doesn't even compare. Never without new designer duds or a gorgeous handbag, the Teen Vogue editor by day, fashion PSA distributor by night, offers the best insight on living and breathing fashion and beauty journalism. Plus, she's just too darn adorable!

@Roberto_Cavalli: We just can't with Roberto Cavalli and his OMG-worthy tweets—like when this video of him making cocktails with a parrot, yes, parrot, made the Twitterverse errupt in giggles. Add in the behind-the-scenes pics of him partying in St. Tropez, and well, let's just say we're addicted.

@ChoupettesDiary: Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that Karl Lagerfeld's kitty cat is kiiiind of a big deal—so much so, she has her own Twitter handle to prove it. The pampered pet's snarky take on Chanel, her famous designer dad, and the latest pop culture news (like Miley's hair) causes some serious LOLage.

@ChrissyTeigen: No words can describe just how much we love Chrissy Teigen, so we're just going to let her tweets speak for her.

There's this gem: "Breaking news: your mom has nipples too." And if you thought models don't eat, think again: "Fried chicken night. it's happening." Finally, our personal favorite after her bag got caught in an NYC downpour: "CELINE, NOOOOOOOO."

@KyleEditor: Between the gobs of glorious accessories straight from the pages of Marie Claire and the daily dose of quotes from one of our favorite flicks of all time—Mean Girls, of course—our day gets just a little bit better with each and every one of Anderson's tweets.

@TheLSD: Speaking of Mean Girls, Lauren Santo Domingo's tweets are everything you'd expect from a Vogue contributing editor—only better. In other words, if Regina George had a Twitter... just kidding. LSD's tweets are hilarious and a must-follow. Seriously, check it out.

Now for the best part! Who do you think deserves the title of Best Twitter Personality? Cast your vote below!

Poll: Who is the Best Twitter Personality?
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  • DKNY PR Girl
  • Oscar de La Renta PR Girl
  • The Bergdorfs Girl
  • Eva Chen Bannister
  • Roberto Cavalli
  • Choupette Lagerfeld
  • Chrissy Teigen
  • Kyle Anderson
  • Lauren Santo Domingo