StyleBistro Awards 2012: Most Quotable

(Photo illustration by Tanya Leigh Washington)

Welcome to the 2012 StyleBistro Awards—we're wrapping up the last few days of reader's choice voting with some of our favorite categories, like this one: Most Quotable. Who in the fashion industry dishes it out the best? Check out our six nominees here and vote for your favorite in our poll, below.

In case you missed voting in any other StyleBistro Awards categories, you can find everything right here on the StyleBistro Awards page. Polling closes this weekend and results will be announced right here on August 21st!

And the nominees are: Karl Lagerfeld, above, creative director at Chanel and Fendi, subject of a bazillion documentaries, walking-talking one-man Bartlett's Quotations, all-around awesome guy, cat-owner, bench-lover, and our soulmate.

One of our favorite Karl quotes of all time? "You need a sword of Damocles hanging over a relationship," he says. "That shows how good it is."

(Photo illustration by Tanya Leigh Washington)

Donatella VersaceThe grande dame of modern, sexy Italian fashion, bleach-blonde, super-diva, mother, creative director, doppelganger of Janice from The Muppets, and all-around fashion-moment-making-machine.

We heard a rumor a few years back that post-NY-smoking-ban, Donatella lit up inside a super-posh restaurant and when she was asked to extinguish her cigarette, she took a huge roll of cash out of her purse, put it on th table and replied, "What's the fine? I'll pay it." A-ma-zing.

(Photo illustration by Tanya Leigh Washington)

Kelly Cutrone: PR guru and head honcho at New York agency People's Revolution Kelly Cutrone is one of our all-time favorites. She's blunt and honest—a lot of times you won't like what she's saying, but god help us, the woman speaks the truth! Want to read more? Check out her books Normal Gets You Nowhere and If You Have to Cry, Go Outside.

(Photo illustration by Tanya Leigh Washington)

The Man Repeller: We love everything about The Man Repeller—her down-to-earth-ness, her sarcasm, her videos, her Twitter. And, hello, she's so quotable! And versatile! Like: "Only in NY do you hear nonchalant phone conversations that go, 'I'll kill you if you fuck with my heroin.'"

(Photo illustration by Tanya Leigh Washington)

Tyra Banks: We don't know if it's her aggressive-yet-blithe delivery, but we can't get enough of Tyra Banks' nuggets of modeling wisdom as delivered on her it's-been-on-forever show America's Next Top Model. The new season premieres August 24th and will star Kelly Cutrone and Bryanboy alongside Tyra. We don't know if we're super-excited about this or a little bit super-scared.

(Photo illustration by Tanya Leigh Washington)

Michael Kors: Hands down the most quotable judge on Project Runway, Michael Kors has, forever, been one of our favorite industry wits—more than 10 years ago, we saw him banter in a comedy clip with comedian Ruby Wax and we were sold forever. This guy is funny. Oh, and he also makes some killer-crazy-amazing clothes.

So, of our six nominees, who's your pick for Most Quotable? Vote here in our poll:

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  • Karl Lagerfeld
  • Donatella Versace
  • Kelly Cutrone
  • Tyra Banks
  • Man Repeller
  • Michael Kors

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