Tuesday Tip: How to Break in Your Leather Heels

(Source: ThinkStock; Art by Tanya Leigh Washington)One of the best feelings in the world is bringing home a brand new pair of killer heels. One of the worst? Getting those puppies to conform to your feet through wear and tear (and the many, many blisters that ensue). But it doesn't have to be a painful process—or a gradual one, at that. Chelsea Jones, president and CEO Ciel Bleu Footwear, shares a simple at-home trick that will give you happy feet in half an hour.

(Source: Chelsea Jones)
You've got the perfect pair of heels in your size, only problem is, they are a bit tight in a certain area. Everyone's feet are a little different, so naturally you need a more specific fit. You could wear them a lot, waiting for the leather to form to your feet, or you could use this trick right away: Dab some rubbing alcohol on the area you want stretched, mainly on the inside lining of the shoe and some on the outside, put on a pair of thick socks, and wear them around the house for half an hour. This will give them a little more give! Be sure to just put the rubbing alcohol on the area you want stretched, so as not to not stretch out other areas affecting the overall fit."
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