Tuesday Tip: Soothe a Sunburn with this Edible Ingredient

Tuesday Tip: Natural Sunburn Relief(Source: Thinkstock)If you spent the weekend having a little too much fun in the sun, we'll spare you the judgement (actually, no we won't—never forget to wear sunscreen!) and instead direct you to the nearest relief source for your swollen lobster skin. We've already told you about the plethora of soothing after-sun skincare products on the market, but if your burn makes it too painful to even waddle to your nearest drugstore, take solace that natural alleviation is just a few steps away from your couch. Hungarian facialist Ildi Pekar, who counts Miranda Kerr as a client, will tell you exactly where to find it.

Tuesday Tip: Natural Sunburn Relief(Source: Ildi Pekar)
To treat your sun burn naturally, use sour cream—I know, sounds really weird, but it works! The fat deposits in sour cream nourish your skin so that you don’t have to itch, scratch or feel uncomfortable. When chilled, the sour cream is very cooling to your skin, which naturally soothes it and reduces the redness. Just apply sour cream gently over the burn and leave it on just like a mask for up to one hour, then take a cold shower to rinse off."
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