StyleBistro STUFF: Screw Cuff Keychain

StyleBistro STUFF: Screw Cuff Keychain
(Photos: Miansai)

Confession: We only recently parted with the plastic Captain Morgan figurine key ring our landlord gave us when we moved in. Why? Because we've never really thought about prettifying our house keys—and we've always had a weakness for a man who can rock a cape.

But the other night we were out with a particularly glamorous friend, and as we were saying our goodbyes, she rooted around in her purse for her car keys and retrieved one of these Miansai keychains. All at once it hit us: a key ring is like a bracelet that you hold. 

Clearly we needed an upgrade, and we'd found our answer: This style blends modern simplicity with an urban edge, and its sterling silver material means it will go the distance.

Screw Cuff Keychain, $165 at Miansai