In Which We Analyze Every Look on 'Laguna Beach' Season 1, Episode 9 - Graduation!


Everybody cue up the Vitamin C — it's graduation time!

L.C. and Lo are sitting on a deck, looking at their yearbook. Look! It's L.C.! Her class superlative is "Most Irresistible." Because of course it is.

But wait! Who is this Mr. Irresistible with the frosted tips? Have we met him? He looks sort of familiar, like a member of a lesser boy band.

And here is Stephen "Life of the Party, 2003" Colletti, with that other, ever-present castmate, the Red Solo Cup Full of Mysterious Liquid.

Oh look, it's Trey, brushing his teeth on the morning of graduation. He may not have a shirt on, but his trucker hat is firmly in place. Priorities.

Here is Claire, a classmate we have never met, wearing Beetlejuice stripes and skinny jeans way before anyone else in Laguna had even heard of skinny jeans. I don't think L.C. even thought about skinny jeans until The Hills, and she went to fashion school. Why haven't we seen Claire up until now? MTV, what were you thinking?

She's with Morgan, who is wearing snoozy layered tees (probably from C&C California) and a denim mini. At least it's not a shredded denim mini.

Claire is making a class documentary of sorts. "Where do you see yourself in ten years?" she asks Morgan.

"Married!" Morgan also hopes to have "a cute little boutique." looks like she accomplished one of those things, at least. That's Christina, second from the left, by the way.

"Do you have any hopes for our generation?" Claire asks L.C.

Nope! L.C. is good, thanks.

Stephen, Trey, Dieter, and Polster are having a summit before graduation. Trey is wearing a repeat trucker hat, on this, the most important day of his high school career. For shame.

Stephen begins to bro down, with his bros. "I can't wait to come back, see how everyone's changed. Polster's finally gonna come out." Yeah, brah! High five. He expounds on college girls, "They're so much easier to ::snaps fingers:: let's go. Just wear a jimmy, maybe even two." The line forms here, ladies. ::Gestures to tumbleweed blowing across a desert, vultures pecking at a bottle of tanning oil::

Kristin and Stephen have decided they are dunzo. "I'm excited to be single next year," Kristin says. But! She would be upset if Stephen and L.C. hooked up, because "then Lauren would think she was really cool."

Lo's dad asks her to help him unload some groceries, and she is like, "ugh, fine." But when she gets to the driveway, this is waiting for her.

Because she graduated from high school. "You little brat," L.C. says when sees it. L.C.'s shirt says "I'm on the List." I don't know who made these tees, but I distinctly remember them. I had a friend in high school who had one that said "Model Turned Actress," and we are still friends, even. Maybe because she remembers my Juicy Couture smocked tube top.

Christina's big graduation day present is...a Bible. Morgan gets a new computer.

Trey, who has a star on his blazer, because he is the Sheriff of Fashion Town, unwraps some sub woofers.

I spy a Junk Food tee! L.C. kind of was Oscar the Grouch on that camping trip, no?

Morgan's mom looks a lot like L.C.'s mom.

And they both look like Stephen's mom.

It's probably the same lady, right?

Kristin puts on her finest distressed denim mini and stilettos to watch the seniors graduate, while Morgan S. opts for yoga pants.

L.C.'s parents coordinated their outfits for the ceremony.

Finally — time to graduate! Everyone wears leis, which is cute. And Trey wears sunglasses, because Trey. We would have appreciated some trucker-hat-on-top-of-mortarboard action though.

Yay! High shool is over! Look how innocent everyone is — blissfully unaware of things like Justin Bobby and Speidi.

This isn't the end of Season One, though. Oh no, summer is just beginning! See you next week?

Trucker hat time!

Trey's Season 1 Trucker Hat Count: 9

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