In Which We Analyze Every Look on 'Laguna Beach' Season 1, Episode 4 - '18 Candles'


Laguna Beach's fourth episode, "18 Candles," is very Morgan-and-Christina-centric. You've been warned.

We open with a shot of Christina and her mother. It's Christina's 18th birthday! And her mom, who is a fan of white linen pantsuits...

...has a very special surprise for her. She's arranged for Christina to go on an audition with a Broadway casting director! On national television! Christina, who has the same black eyeliner addiction as L.C., seems super excited, and the scene is actually kind of sweet.

But there's only so much Christina we can take, you know? Where's the scheming? Where's the trash-talking? Where's...L.C.?

We don't know yet, because the next scene involves Christina again — this time accompanied by her best friend Morgan. Sadly, they're in a car, so we can't really see their outfits. Talk turns to Christina's birthday party. "I guess if you had invited Lauren and Lo, the group would have been, like, random," Morgan muses. Remember when the word "random" could be used to describe anything? That guy you met last night? Random. That shirt you wore on laundry day? Random. That sandwich you ate for lunch? So random.

Finally — L.C. and Lo! They're in their happy place — the mall — carrying pastel shoulder bags, sunglasses planted firmly in their hair. L.C. is wearing a flowy, Free People-y tube top, while Lo has on her usual polo shirt and pearls. Her collar is decidedly un-popped, though. Maybe she's sad?

"Is it just me, or have Christina and Morgan been really retarded lately?" Lo, paragon of P.C.-ness, asks.

The girls arrive at Sephora, where L.C. tries on some peachy lip gloss, which looks exactly like the peachy lipgloss she's worn in every episode so far. "Guess what color lip gloss I'm wearing? Too Faced!" L.C. says. Lo takes the bait, answering with "Hmm, I can think of the person just like that!" Oh L.C. and Lo and your subtle wit.

Finally, the big event — Christina's birthday party! It's at a place called Joe's Crab Shack. Morgan arrives, collar popped, doing the whole early 2000's layered tank thing.

Kristin is there too, and she immediately diverts the attention away from the birthday girl by hitting on a dude at another table. This dude:

She gives him a napkin that says, "You are extremely sexy. If you are single, let me know and send this back with the waitress." So, he comes over instead.

But then when he discovers the group is there celebrating an 18th birthday he peaces out.

Which is fine, because nothing should take the spotlight off of Christina's balloon hat.

There's a quick scene at Trey's house, which I'm only mentioning because Trey is wearing this — the somber-est member of his trucker hat collection.

Back to the party! Christina is the first cast member to wear the 2003 trend I've been waiting to see since episode one — dresses over pants!

Note the triple layer of pink ruffles at the bottom of her dress, which matches her pointy pink pumps. And the white denim jacket.

This conversation happens after the party:

Christina: "I thought it was perfect. This was so nice of you"

Morgan: "You'd do the same for me."

Christina: "I wouldn't. Just kidding!"

Ugh. These two. They're so hard to watch, I think, because they don't actually like each other that much.

Proof: In the next scene, Morgan and Christina go to a nail salon. I want to let you know that Christina is wearing those giant shell disc earrings that every boutique had next to their register circa 2003.

Anyway, Morgan says "Don't get French on your toes. Then your toes look like your fingers." Wise words. But — omg! — Christina already has French on her toes, which Morgan totally knew.

Then, L.C. and Lo — who, remember, weren't invited to Christina's party — walk into the same salon, causing Morgan to make this face:

Pure fear.

The girls are putting on their best "We want you to know that we know you had a party last night. But we also want you to know that we don't care." faces. While wearing the most early 2000's thing ever — status bags! Louis Vuitton for L.C. and Marc Jacobs for Lo.

It's here — the moment we've been waiting for. Morgan and Christina are in New York City! Morgan looks quite cute in her red coat and plaid scarf.

And this is Christina's audition outfit. A belly shirt.

Oof. The audition. Let's end this recap on a positive note. Trey's trucker hats!

Trey's Season 1 Trucker Hat Count: 6

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