In Which We Analyze Every Look on 'Laguna Beach' Season 1, Episode 6 - 'The Best Part of Breaking Up'


Uh oh. As you can probably guess by the title of episode six — 'The Best Part of Breaking Up' — Kristin and Stephen are about to be dunzo. Even though I thought they were dunzo! I guess there is a difference between dunzo and dunzo dunzo.

Everyone is really pumped about this Blink 182 concert that is happening later that night. Here are L.C. and Lo, talking about it excitedly.

It looks like L.C. is wearing one of those smocked terrycloth Juicy Couture tube tops. I know this because I had one in 2003, and I wore it the exact same way — over flared jeans that were probably "whiskered." ::Shudder::

Ahh! Trey is having a fashion show! He invites L.C. to scout out spaces for the event, and he wears his best spray-painted trucker hat for the occasion.

He also randomly buckles a belt around his bicep, because fashion.

Onto the Blink 182 concert! Kristin and Stephen roll up wearing matching black hoodies.

"Kristin wore, like, her P.J.'s," Lo snipes when she finds out that Kristin and Stephen are sitting near her and L.C.

This is L.C.'s concert look. Pearls and dangly black earrings!

After some awkward bopping along to "What's My Age Again?" the group leaves. And Trey gets into a fight in the parking lot! With this guy. After he calls L.C. and Lo "sluts."

It nearly comes to fisticuffs! But Trey backs off, not wanting to damage his bedazzled headgear.

The fashion show is finally happening! Trey unveils his bounty of trucker hats. (This is really turning into a Trey-centric episode, isn't it?)

Things are getting pretty disorganized backstage. The models (Trey's friends) have no idea which trucker hats they're supposed to wear! Do you think L.C. is going to wear that pink Flashdance sweatshirt down the runway? This is one trend I don't remember from the early 2000's. Were tops that appeared to be falling down a thing?

There are no hats in the first portion of the runway show — but there is Morgan, striking a pose in an asymmetrical denim skirt. Shoeless.

Finally — Trey's trucker hats, getting the moment they deserve!

This is the back of the shirt L.C. wears down the runway. I just really wanted you to see it.

Trey chooses a really patriotic hat for the finale.

And — sidenote — that whole fashion thing really worked out for him. Look what I found on LinkedIn!
Back to the episode! Stephen and Kristin are having a picnic on the beach. Wait, I thought they were dunzo? Or were going to be dunzo? I am so confused.

Note Kristin's North Face fleece. The fleece isn't really an essential like it was in 2003, is it?

Okay the episode is over and Kristin and Stephen are STILL NOT DUNZO. What is going on??? Oh, wait. I guess "The Best Part of Breaking Up" is making up. Way to trick us (me), MTV.

You guys, the next episode is PROM! Until then, let's look at Trey's trucker hats again, shall we?

Trey's Season 1 Trucker Hat Count: 8

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