'Mad Men' Season 6, Episode 11 Recap - 'Favors'

'Mad Men' Season 6, Episode 11 Recap - 'Favors' (AMC)

Only three episodes left, you guys! (Counting this one.) It feels like something bad is going to happen, doesn't it? Let's get started.

We open with Peggy, who has some unwanted rodent guests in her apartment. But no Abe! So it's a tradeoff, really.

Meanwhile, Pete's mother, and her new Bob Benson-recommended man-nurse, are at the SCDPCGC Sterling, Cooper, and Partners "I'm glad you both swallowed your pride. If for nothing else, for the good of the child you had together," Momma Pete says to Peggy. OMG!!! How does she know? But, it turns out, Mrs. Campbell thinks Peggy is Trudy. She also thinks her caretaker, Manolo, is her boyfriend. "I have waited long enough to experience the physical satisfactions of love," she says, winkingly.

We finally see Sylvia and Dr. Rosen's son, Mitchell, in the Draper's apartment. He's talking to Megan because he wants to dodge the draft by running to Canada.

"He can't spend the rest of his life on the run," Don says, Which, ha!

Pete, Ted, and Peggy are out to dinner. Liquid dinner, mostly. "This is the agency I always wanted," Ted says, when he's many, many drinks deep. "Ambition, brains, and beauty." "But what about him?" Peggy asks, nodding to Pete. Ted and Peggy give each other, like, the flirtiest look imaginable, and Pete totally sees it. And he's a little jealous, it seems!

Now Peggy and Pete are talking (lightheartedly!) about Peggy's awkward conversation with Pete's mom (not the part where she accidentally brought up Pete and Peggy's secret lovebaby, though). And they are laughing! And having fun! It's sort of sweet, if anything Pete does can be referred to as sweet.

Arnold (Dr. Rosen) stops by the Drapers, so Don takes him out for drinks to get his mind off of his son. "He's soft," Arnold says of his son. THEN he tells Don that Sylvia has been lying "about little things" and Don gulps his whiskey.

Oh! Finally we get a peek at Ted's home life. He has a very red bedroom and a very blonde wife, who feels that he's been neglecting his family.

Uh-oh. There's been a mixup at work, and the partners are supposed to present to Ocean Spray and Sunkist at the same time. Everyone sort of congregates in the lobby to yell at each other, running down the stairs, ducking their heads out of their offices, and marching down corridors in a way that suggests they are about to burst into song. "Why don't you join this company and read a memo once in a while!" Ted screams at Don.

In Ted’s office, Jim says they’ll end up with one juice. “I don’t want his juice, I want my juice,” Ted says, referring to Don, his nemesis.

Mitchell is hanging out in the lobby of the Draper apartment complex, waiting for his parents, when he runs into Sally and her friend Julie, who is like "Helloooo, Mitchell." Let's all take a minute to appreciate Sally's bumpit, and her cute Peter Pan collar paisley dress, which I would totally wear today. Everywhere.

Pete's mom is at his apartment, and he asks if he can fix her a drink, which she declines. "Manolo likes me sharp," she says. Then she continues "Manny has awakened a part of me that was long dormant." Pete freaks out, and threatens to fire Manolo, and then his mother calls him "sour," and says, "You've always been unlovable." Which is probably true!

Roger, Jim, Ted, and Don are entertaining some Chevy clients. Don mentions Mitchell, and how he's 1A and trying to get out of it. A Chevy rep says, “We know about that. It makes me sick.” The war doesn't make him sicks, draft dodgers do, just to clarify.

Sally and Julie are having a sleepover, making a list of things they like about Mitchell. "His ass," Sally writes. Also: "His red shirt."

Peggy is freaking out about her rodent guests, so she calls Stan in the middle of the night. He won't come over. "Maybe I'll make it worth your while," Peggy tries. But Stan has a ladyfriend over, so it's not happening.

Ted barges into Don's office. He is not happy that Don brought up the war during that Chevy dinner last night. "I was just taking their temperature," Don says, explaining it was for his friend's kid. "Well you don't have a lot of friends, Don, so I'm going to assume this is important," Ted tells him, before saying he may have an in at the Air National Guard. Which would mean no Vietnam for Mitchell.

"You're going to have to stop the war, Don," Ted says, meaning the war on him, not the actual war. Then they shake hands. Ted's take on the matter: "This is not a handshake of gratitude, this is a binding contract."

Sylvia is in tears when Don tells her the good news about Mitchell. Even though it's not final, or anything. "I hope you know I was just frustrated with you," she tells Don. "I didn't want you to fall in love." So...their relationship isn't over, it seems. Then Don is like, "Go back to that hotel and wait for me for three days. No, bring me my shoes first. I'm still a weirdo." Okay, that last part didn't happen.

More barging into offices! Pete interrupts Bob Benson to yell at him for recommending a "rapist" to take care of his mother. But, according to Bob, Manolo is probably gay. "Couldn't it be that if someone took care of you...if your well-being was his only thought...is it possible that you might begin to feel something for him?" Bob says, leaning in close to Pete. "If there's true love, it doesn't matter who it is," he continues, as their knees brush. 

Make out, make out, make out. Nope! They are not making out. Sigh.

So, it turns out that Julie is the worst. She signed Sally's name on that "Things I like about Mitchell" list, and slipped it under the Rosens' door. Sally punches her, because Julie deserved it.

Sally tells her doorman she left something in her dad's apartment, so she can take his key ring. Then she sneaks into the Rosens' place. And...you know where this is going.

Don and Sylvia! Having sex! With the door open! Sally runs out, Don chases after her, and Sylvia sobs and punches the bed.

Everything is falling apart for Don, this season. He's no longer the golden boy at work, Sylvia dumped him (even if she did take him back), he cheated on Megan again with Betty, and his kids finally know what a terrible person he is.

Later that night, Don, Megan, Sally, and Julie sit down for dinner, when Arnold and Mitchell walk in. Mitchell wants to thank Don for trying to get him into the Air National Guard. And Arnold is like, "I owe you." Don looks like he is about to pass out. "You're the sweetest man," Megan says, just before Sally screams "You make me sick!" And locks herself in her room.

Don talks to Sally through her door. “I know you think you saw something,” he says. “I was comforting Mrs. Rosen. She was upset. It’s very complicated.” Comforting her with what, Don? Hmm? Sally isn't buying it, obviously. 

Pete has a shot gun in next week's episode (the penultimate episode!), which is a scary thought.

So, are those internet conspiracy rumors true? Is Megan dead? Is she a ghost? A hologram? Is Don Bruce Willis in The Sixth Sense, basically? Probably not, right? And where was Joan this week? Also, what is UP with Bob Benson? What is his role in all of this? So many questions!
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