'Mad Men' Season 6, Episode 10 Recap - 'A Tale of Two Cities'

'Mad Men' Season 6, Episode 10 Recap - 'A Tale of Two Cities' (AMC)

We're getting towards the end of Season 6 now, and things have really been picking up speed (The acknowledgement of Joan and Roger's baby! Peggy and Abe's stabby break-up! Don and Betty sexytimes!)

Singing "Mad men, mad men, mad men" to the tune of the Mad Men theme song will really help get you in the mood to watch Episode 10. So let's do that. And, let's keep our eyes on this Bob Benson guy, okay?

The show opens with Megan and Don watching the Democratic National Convention. Megan looks way more casual than normal, in her ribbed ketchup-and-mustardy striped top.

Don is heading off to California on a business trip. "Stay away from actresses," Megan says, to which Don replies, "I hate actresses." Then they make out. Because no matter what Don Draper says, it's sexy. That's like, the number one rule of Mad Men.

Finally! The board members of SCDPCGCjkfdjklsjklds are discussing the problem of their super confusing name. (How many times do you think they shot that scene? 'We're SCDPD... Ah! Wait! SDC..Gahh! Sorry.") But...they haven't come to a decision yet. So, it's exactly like an executive meeting.

On the plane, Roger tells Don to just "be you." Which, lol. Then he goes, "Our biggest challenge is to not get syphilis." THEN he sends a round of drinks to the pilot. Roger Sterling is really stealing this episode, you guys. Maybe because John Slattery directed it.

Stan and Ginsberg are listening to the radio, following developments in Vietnam, when Jim walks in and is like "Get back to work." Things escalate, until Ginsberg calls Jim a fascist. "You love business and you hate everything else," he says. "Freedom, blacks, Jews." And then Jim is like "I hate hypocrites. Like hippies who cash checks from Dow Chemical and General Motors." Burn.

Bob! BOB BENSON! He steps in the middle of the fight, all calm, and goes, "Michael. What are you doing? That man is your boss." Where did he come from? Was he standing there the whole time? Bob Benson, the office spectre.

Does he even work there? Or does he just walk around, carrying a clipboard?

Joan and Peggy's spring florals are in full force. Joan is excited, because she just took Avon's head of marketing out to lunch. "I thought it was a date, but it turned out to be better!" Joan is nervous about setting up a meeting while Don is out, but Peggy encourages her to go for it. So she tells Ted, who is like "Groovy!"

But then! Pete thinks he and Peggy should meet with Mr. Avon, without Joan. Even though she's a partner. Ugh.

Don and Roger are in California now! Driving a convertible! "Can you get us something with a roof? I don't want to show up to a meeting with bugs in my teeth," Roger says. More of this, all the time, please.

Let's pause and reflect on Harry's yellow suit. And his aggressive sideburns.

Joan didn't invite Pete to the Avon meeting! Mr. Avon sits down and orders a tomato juice and coffee, which seems like an odd combination. "Hippies don't wear makeup. I don't know if we should try to be groovier, or nostalgic," he laments.

Roger, Don, and Harry are trying to convince Carnation to go with their agency, and things are not going well. Of the Chicago Democratic Convention Riots, the Carnation head honcho says, "long-haired fools shame this country." And things go downhill from there. But Roger, detecting that Carnation's last agency spurned them somehow, goes, "We're sorry your last girlfriend hurt you. We're in your office right now."

Oh no. Joan and Peggy's Avon meeting must not have gone well because they are back in the office, arguing. Joan insinuates that Peggy slept with Don to get ahead. "You were so brave letting Don carry you to the deep end of the pool." To which Peggy replies, "I never slept with him." Ugh. This hurts to watch because I like them both so much.

Oh look, Bob Benson, listening to self help records.

Ginsberg is freaking out before the big Manischewitz meeting. Stan tries to calm him down, and Ginsberg is like, "I love you, you know that, you're a mother hen." Which, aww. Stan is a mother hen.

Bob Benson is like, "Come on buddy!" And, "What I see is fear. Not fear of failure, fear of opportunity." And that's when Stan walks out.

Out in California, Roger, Don, and Harry are at a party with a candy dish full of joints. They meet up with an old SCDP employee, Danny, and his friend, Lotus. Roger is wearing an ASCOT, I should add.

Don is looking for the restroom, when he passes a hookah circle. "There's an extra nipple for you," the party's hostess, and keeper of the hookah says, which, ew.

Lotus is tripping and staring at Roger, so he goes, "If you're trying to see through me just know that I am this handsome. And this rich." Roger tries to take Lotus home, and Danny punches him in the crotch-al region.

Meanwhile, Don is making out with the party's hostess, when he hallucinates a long-haired Megan. "I quit my job," she says. So, this is obviously Don's fantasy version of his wife. And then the ghost of Private Dinkins shows up. Because Don's past always catches up with him in California. This is when Don falls in the pool.

Joan is not afraid to wear a cleavage bow and a brooch. Pete found out that Joan and Peggy ditched him after Avon sent over a giant box of samples to the office. So he calls Ted in to punish Joan and Peggy, presumably.

But Ted doesn't really care that much! He's like, "Pete, all agency business is your business." This whole scene just goes to show how little power Joan really has, despite her partner-ness.

Everyone is back in the office now. "It was a series of busts. And not the kind I like," Roger says of California.

And we have a name! Sterling Cooper and Partners. "It's the only thing that's equally offensive to all," Jim says.

Sad Pete is sad. So he takes Stan's joint and ogles some secretaries. The end.

What did you think? Three episodes left, you guys! See you next week?
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