'Mad Men' Season 6, Episode 7 Recap - 'Man With a Plan'

'Mad Men' Season 6, Episode 7 Recap - 'Man With a Plan' (AMC)

Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce Cutler Gleason and Chaough time, everyone! When we left off, the two firms had just merged. Let's see what happens when everyone reunites, shall we?

Episode 7 opens with Don in an elevator, eavesdropping on the Rosens fighting downstairs. So much happens in elevators on this show!

It's the first day of school work at the newly-merged firm, and everyone is making introductions.

Peggy and Joan are together again! Joan escorts Peggy to her new, copy chief office. And clutches her side like she's in pain. More on that later.

Bert Cooper is still committed to his four-point pocket squares, I see. He's heading up a meeting. The first order of business: Margarine! SCDPCGC (phew!) has been charged with selling the stuff, which is going to be hard, because have you ever tasted margarine?

We also learn that Ted, who is like an alternate universe (or CGC) Don, is a pilot.

Pete gets an urgent call about his mother. She wandered into Pete's apartment, looking for Pete's father, who has been dead for several years. Rather than go and actually deal with this, Pete tells his building's super to fix his mother a gin and tonic. Because Pete.

After her fight with her husband, Sylvia calls Don, who tells her to get a room at the Sherry Netherland.

Ted is leading a margarine summit, he tells everyone to "free associate." "Greasy...people hate it," Ginsberg says. Preach. Then, Peggy busts out this factoid. "It was invented for Napoleon III, because armies need to move, and it never spoils." Peggy Olsen: Margarine Scientist.

Back at the Sherry Netherland, Don can't find his shoes, so he asks Sylvia to fetch them for him. He's like, "I want you to crawl on your hands and knees until you find them." (Ugh. This guy.) And she does! Kind of. Then she kneels down and puts them on his feet, in what I assume is supposed to be a sexy way. It's all very 50 Shades of Don.

Don shows up to a meeting 40 minutes late, and Ted is not happy about it. So, Don, feeling like he has to exert control somewhere, calls Sylvia. "You're going to wait there, and you're not going to get out of bed," he says. "Don't answer the phone again."

But it doesn't make Don feel completely better. So he stops by Ted's office, offering drinks as "an olive branch."

Pete's brother wants him to take care of their mother. "She should be locked up," Pete says.

Don and Ted go drink for drink, until Ted is wasted. "I have to eat something,"Ted says, to which Don replies, "Doesn't ice count?"

Bob (I don't recognize him, so I guess he came from CGC?) stops by Joan's office to find her bent over a wastebasket. So he takes her to the hospital, and...it seems like he's flirting with her in the waiting room. Bob thinks Joan has food poisoning, but she seems to believe it's something more urgent.

Sylvia opens the door of her hotel room to find a package from Saks, with a sexy red dress inside. So, naturally, she puts it on, thinking Don is going to take her out to dinner when he gets back. But, no. Don just wants to see how far he can take this domineering thing. "You work for me. You exist in this room for my pleasure," he says, when he greets her. "Are we going to eat?" Sylvia asks. "Don't ask any more questions. Take off your dress," Don answers. Then he puts his sunglasses on. (No he doesn't.)

Peggy is mad at Don for getting her work husband, Ted, drunk. "I was hoping he'd rub off on you, not the other way around," she says, after storming into Don's office. Burn. "He can't drink like you. You must know that because nobody can."

Ted and Don are flying upstate to meet a client, and Don is terrified. "How long have you been doing this?" she shouts. "Not now!" Ted, who is wearing some amazing aviator shades, says. This is Ted's revenge, isn't it?

Bob stops by Joan's apartment to check in on her, and her mom is like, "Get it, girl." Joan's hospital visit was due to a cyst on her ovary, it turns out.

While Don was in the air, Sylvia had a dream that his plane crashed and she went to his funeral — where Megan cried on her shoulder. She takes this as a sign that she and Don should end their affair. Don looks pretty heartbroken, and he asks her to reconsider. He even says "please."

Pete's mom wakes him up at 6am, saying, "That nice Kennedy boy was shot." Pete is like "That was years ago, go back to bed." But she was right! It was Bobby Kennedy.

And, that's it! What do you think Don would say about that 10-minute-long Oreo commerical that's been playing on AMC tonight? Where is Betty? And when do you think Bert Cooper's transformation into Colonel Sanders will be complete?
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