'Mad Men' Season 6, Episode 6 Recap - 'For Immediate Release'

'Mad Men' Season 6, Episode 6 Recap - 'For Immediate Release' (AMC)

Happy Cinco de Mad Men! After last week's revealing (we saw how each character reacted to the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.) and depressing (we knew Don wasn't a great dad, but yeesh), but otherwise sort of plodding episode, we hope there's some more action tonight. Like, right now would be a good time for Peggy and Pete's secret lovebaby to reappear, right?

Anyway, onto Episode 6!

Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce is about to go public, and Bert Cooper has on his best argyle sweater vest for his meeting with the firm's financial advisor.

'Mad Men' Season 6, Episode 6 Recap - 'For Immediate Release'

If the deal goes through, Joan's share of the company would be worth nearly a million dollars. Pete and Joan — who is trying out a looser hairstyle — down some scotch like it's water, to celebrate.

Roger Sterling is in bed with a new ladyfriend — Daisy, a stewardess. Let's take a minute to appreciate Roger's gold brocade bedding.

'Mad Men' Season 6, Episode 6 Recap - 'For Immediate Release'
And Pete Campbell is in bed with Trudy — who is wearing a glorious hot pink nightgown and a matching poofy-sleeved jacket. He snuck into her bedroom while she was still sleeping, took off his clothes, and spooned her, like a creep. Trudy isn't over Pete's affair — with good reason — and she refuses his advances.

'Mad Men' Season 6, Episode 6 Recap - 'For Immediate Release'
Onto the Draper household! Megan's mother, Marie, is staying over.

Peggy time! Her boyfriend Abe is renovating their apartment when she walks in wearing a very Madewell-ish (or Steven Alan-ish) outfit — a chambray shirt, dark denim skinnies, and a striped coat. "There's poop on the stairs," she says. Human poop.

'Mad Men' Season 6, Episode 6 Recap - 'For Immediate Release'
Remember Herb, the sleazy Jaguar executive? Don is tasked with having dinner with him.

Oh, look. Characters we don't know! We think they're from Peggy's firm, CDC, and it looks like the purpose of this scene is to set some wheels in motion for a SCDP-CDC merger.

Megan and Marie are getting ready for the Jaguar dinner. And Marie, sensing things are pretty tense between Megan and Don, has some marriage advice: "The only thought he should have at the meal is how quickly he can get between your legs."

Herb's wife's name is Peaches! Don, Meg, and Marie are sharing a table with the couple, and Marie is entertaining herself by insulting Peaches en francais. (Sample barb: "Do you want me to break that bottle over her head?") Peaches tells lots of rambling stories about shopping at Saks and that time her dog had puppies. Which prompts Don to say (unconvincingly) 'I love puppies." Someone gif that line immediately, please?

When the ladies get up to, as Peaches says, "powder their noses," Herb tells Don that he's meeting with other copywriters. Don doesn't take this well, obviously. "You know the somersaults I've been doing since you're so touchy?" Herb says. To which Don replies, "A man your size?" Everyone leaves early.

Then, when Megan gets up, we get to see her sparkly minidress. It is very "Zou Bisou Bisou": Gold Edition.

'Mad Men' Season 6, Episode 6 Recap - 'For Immediate Release'
Back at the Drapers' Megan and Don are having hot, up-against-the-wall sexytimes, and Marie, who can hear everything in the next room, is like "Meh. I'll just drink this entire bottle of red wine by myself." Then Roger Sterling calls to see how the dinner went, and Marie says of Peaches, "She is the apple that goes in the pig's mouth." Let's all try to incorporate that phrase into a conversation tomorrow.

Ahh! Pete just ran into his father-in-law at a brothel! His father-in-law is Marshall Darling, from Clarissa Explains It All, by the way. How would you explain this Marshall?

"I saw my father-in-law exit the bedroom with the biggest, blackest prostitute I've ever seen," Pete tells his buddies the next day at SCDP.

Uh-oh, Angry Pete is back. He just heard about how Don lost the Jaguar account, and he's so upset that he falls down the stairs.

Joan is more upset, and rightfully so. Remember how she slept with Herb to secure that account? And then Don went and blew it, without consulting her.

At least Roger has some good news — Chevy is interested in SCDP! Which means they may be able to go public after all.

Dr. Rosen just quit his job after he botched an operation, which means there's going to be a lot less Don and Sylvia time if her husband is always home. Where is Sylvia? And where's Betty? This episode needs more Betty.

I'm not entirely sure what's going on in this next scene, but Colonal Sanders Bert is working a four-point pocket square, and I really wanted you to notice it.

So, you remember how Pete's father-in-law is also one of SCDP's clients? Well, thanks to that brothel incident, he's about to take his business elsewhere. "My daughter is a princess. She could have had anyone...You have no business being a father...It makes me sick thinking of the man I saw being with my daughter and my granddaughter," he says to Pete.

Up in Harlem, Peggy seems to be frustrated. The paint fumes are really getting to her, and she has to walk around wearing a bandana on her face, like an old-timey train robber. She's not into the teenagers who hang out on her apartment building's stoop, and she keeps fantasizing about Ted from her office while she's making out with Frank Zappa Abe.

Meanwhile, Don Draper is in Detroit, trying to land the Chevy account, when he runs into Peggy's fantasy makeout partner. Which means that SCDP doesn't have Chevy on lock — CDC is also in the running.

But...SCDP lands it! And so does CDC. (What?) The two agencies merged! Surprise! Don and Ted decided on this while drinking in a Detroit hotel bar. They tell Peggy the (good?) news, and have her write up a press release. Don and Peggy — together again!

'Mad Men' Season 6, Episode 6 Recap - 'For Immediate Release'

Did you guys see that one coming? Do you think Season 6 is starting to pick up? And, most importantly, did you catch Bert Cooper asking Pete for "elderflower liqueur"? Let us know!
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